The Beautyque x Doors Pop-Up "other worlds" is a modern, edgy, and exciting environment where beauty and fashion enthusiasts come together for an interactive experience. It's a synergy of immersive art, beauty, fashion, and technology experience for our consumers.

At Beautyque, our brands and consumers are surrounded by advanced technology, exciting programs, and a strong sense of community.

Mission-driven founders, highly efficient products formulated using safe ingredients, strong values such as sustainability, cruelty-free, female leadership, inclusivity and social responsibility are among the key qualities we look for in our brands that will make your skincare routine simple yet effective.

With a mission to support creativity, innovation and nurture talent, here are some of the emerging clean beauty brands that have taken the next step to showcase their products to the world during our pop-up from January 22nd,- February 20th, 2022.

LaFlore- Live Probiotic Skincare - Healthy Skin for Life 

Launched in 2015, La Flore began with a concept which was to provide plant-based skincare that supports and balances a healthy skin microbiome. With a bold spirit of innovation and a vision, LaFlore’ patented* technology uses a blend of plant-based ingredients, a combination of prebiotics, probiotic extracts, and LIVE probiotics to create high performance skincare that would help calm, nourish and be kind to all skin types.

Their innovative skincare system does not require refrigeration and is toxin-free, bleach-free, anti-pollution, multi-functional, gluten-free, paraben-free, allergen-free, and safe for the skin microbiome of all skin types. 

84% of the LaFlore® family said they felt more confident and saw noticeable changes within the first month.

LaFlore’s formulas are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically produced in the U.S. Featured in Vogue, Allure, Elle, Refinery29, among others; Evan A. says "Never seen my skin so healthy! It doesn’t fix just one problem but every problem, healing your skin from within." 

Check out their star product - LaFlore® 3-Step Kit

Sallye Ander - Handmade Skincare Essentials For The Modern Homestead.

Sallye Ander joined her mother in 1982 and the brand Sallye Ander was created with a belief that if it makes their family healthier, it makes other lives healthier too. They make 100% handmade hypoallergenic skincare that is made to help you.

Sallye Ander believed that when they make things by hand, they will be imparted with their personal touch and a connection to the place where they were made, which in their case is Hudson Valley, New York.

With 2000+ stores all over the country, you’ll recognize them as soon as you try and smell their incredible fragrance that will make you feel just as soothed and refreshed as your skin will. Great for gardeners, mechanics, and kids, check out SallyeAnder’s ‘Hogwash!’ It's made from cornmeal, pieces of Essential Soap Bars, and is packed with glycerine. 

Perfect for washing hands frequently without drying them out and removing tough stains without harsh chemicals. 

The Sage Lifestyle- A Gemstone Perfumery

The Sage Lifestyle is home to Sage Machado's Gemstone Perfumery, Luxury Candles and Artisan Jewelry. The first Sage boutique in LA, opened in 1998 was devoted entirely to its jewelry paired with unique items from all over the globe; thus, creating a line of exquisite perfume oils and candles, all named and inspired by gemstones, and handcrafted with love in sunny California. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten and nut free, they do not contain parabens or phthalates.

Inspired by the founder Sage and her passion, love for gemstones and a belief in hand-crafted, small-batch, and niche perfumes, the brand has been recognised by top publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more and have been awarded with Best Fragrance and Best Packaging at the Indie Beauty Expo 2018.

If you are someone who loves to indulge in self care, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle, then you should definitely try The Sage Lifestyle’s Diamond Roll-on Perfume Oil Concentrate

L’Odaïtès - Apothecary of Senses

L’ODAÏTÈS was born from the desire of three sisters to share their proven and powerful yet simple skincare regime passed down by females in their family for many, many generations. With the very essence of cosmetic care: abundance of active ingredients and voluptuousness of the senses, L’ODAÏTÈS represents a return to the roots of skincare using time-tested, pure, clean, and powerful ingredients and extraction technologies that create treatments to protect and nourish the skin’s natural beauty.​

Made in France, L’ODAÏTÈS has developed an exceptional range of care, which enhances your skin, awakens your sensory memory and gives you the feeling of becoming yourself again.

With the sensory experience of Neroli essential oil as their olfactory brand, L’ODAÏTÈS has been in talks and have been written about in Vogue, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, and more. Check out their best selling product - Ange Sensationnel Well aging intense cream

Elevate CBD Cosmetics- Looking for the Fountain of Youth.

CBD skin care products? Sounds shocking right! Focusing on health and wellness and utilizing the benefits of natural ingredients with CBD, Elevate CBD Cosmetics was born.

Janice Hardoon is one of the most well-known and influential women in the Cannabis industry and with an in-depth knowledge of the plant and the medicinal properties it contains, she created a new wave of skin care products.

Elevate's line of creams, serums and ointments are part of a luxurious clean skincare system that is easy to maintain and has produced staggering results which is why it is rightly coined as "the fountain of youth".

Check out their products here- CBD Activated Charcoal Cleanser, CBD Collagen Boost Serum, CBD Tinted Moisturizer

Bath Slut - Step into the tubLife

Bubble baths and wine; sounds like a good combo, right? 

Rene Rainey, former beauty editor turned television producer is obsessed with bubble baths and all things that smell, look and feel great. Bubble Baths are a luxury and a great way to unwind and relax. With that in mind Bath slut was set out to make the perfect bubble bath; one that is a step above the rest. 

Eco-friendly, naturally derived, non-toxic, made with fewer ingredients/additives and provides luscious bubbles, smell intoxicatingly delicious and moisturize generously, this is what Bath slut products are all about.

Soak in these yummy bubbles and step into the TubLife with BathSlut Bubble Bath to experience sexy self-care you can feel good about. 

Pili Ani - Crafted for Beauty

Crafted for beauty and sustainably sourced, Pili Ani skincare is vegan, organic, sustainable, and cruelty free that provides incredible skin benefits. 

Pili Oil is incredibly moisturizing while Elemi Oil is known for its firming properties, Pili Ani is the only ​brand that uses sustainably sourced Pili and Elemi oils from the Philippines in all of its products. 

Their products penetrate deep into the skin to lock in moisture without ever feeling greasy, protect your skin from free radicals and can even repair existing skin damage.

Check out their best seller - Self Care Night Recovery Oil, supercharged with a powerful blend of botanical extracts that work overnight. 

Priori Adaptive Skincare - Science-based solutions for your most radiant skin

Established in 2005, in the Biotech valley in San Diego CA, Priori is driven by a group of consumers and beauty industry innovators that offer you simple and effective skin solutions by bringing biology and biotechnology advances to cosmeceuticals and natural/clean beauty to create efficient, functional and innovative products, so that men and women of any age and ethnicity achieve their most radiant skin. 

Priori’s adaptive skincare brings to you the latest advances in skin science as they introduced R-Spinasome®️ Complex, a powerful patented green technology with long-lasting action that IMMEDIATELY brings improvements glowing to the surface in just 24 hours. This is where science meets instant gratification.

Check out  R-Spinasome Ultimate Day Creme

CMYK Cosmetics - Color made simple

Inspired by the simplicity of four-color printing, CMYK cosmetics are infused with skin-health-boosting ingredients, putting better beauty within reach. Their formulas are custom-developed and products are ethically-produced, cruelty-free, sustainable, clean and organic.

The cult beauty brand claims to have the cleanest mascara in the market and their eyeshadow formula is clean and contains anti-blue light technology.

Discover lashes you didn’t know you had with our clean, lifting, game-changing mascara and their whole makeup range.

Sunia K. cosmétiques authentiques- Be at Ease with an Elixir

From the farm in Tunisia to their labs in NYC, Sunia K.™'s mission is to share Sabrah (The Purest Prickly Pear seed oil) to help people be at ease with themselves, especially when they have sensitive or damaged skin, and to help the founder's hometown community in Tunisia.

Sabrah can help with skin conditions, amplify your skincare rituals and make the most of Sabrah’s high performance.

Try out their Sabrah - Pure, Powerful and Precious- Prickly Pear seed oil

The Beautyque X Doors Pop-up event happens in Soho, NYC and has by far helped indie beauty brands in ways that have been fruitful for them-

-Elevate their brand positioning by being displayed among established designers

-Directly promote the brand to social media influencers and customers

-Have the opportunity to be displayed in a PR showroom that embodies the scale and uniqueness of the products

-Participate in a novel opportunity to push sales and reactivate brands post-pandemic

To participate with us for the next pop-up & for more information, get in touch with us at-

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