Australian Botanicals For Remarkable Skin



It is the personal mission of our founder, Dr. Annie Holden, to bring Australian Botanicals to the attention of the world. Eighty five percent of Australia's plants are found nowhere else on the planet. Australian plants have evolved powerful adaptation mechanisms to store vast quantities of the phyto-compounds needed to survive the extreme conditions of the harsh Australian climate.

Research by 5 Star Plant Sciences Universities has started to uncover the amazing benefits for skin that Australia's unique botanicals offer. Founder's Formula incorporates the very latest research and the very best of evidence-based natural ingredients into potent skin care for remarkable results.


Founder's Formula was created by Dr. Annie Holden from newly researched Australian Botanicals to be the best possible in potent, natural, effective skin care. Annie is an Australian anthropologist and has spent many years in remote parts of Australia where she developed a driving passion for the unique and extraordinary flora of Australia.

Recent research by Australia's leading 5 Star Plant Sciences universities has demonstrated that many Australian Botanicals are especially high in potent phyto-nutrients with multiple benefits for skin health. Drawing on this research, Annie collaborated with a senior chemist to formulate oils and serums, originally for her own personal use, and then for family and friends. The Founder's Formula brand was established and the range has expanded and continues to grow. "In Australia there are 23,000 known species and less than 1,000 have been studied to date. And more new species are being Identified daily. The opportunity for new discoveries of ancient plants with exciting benefits for skin health and beauty are truly breathtaking." Dr Annie Holden, Sunshine Coast, Australia.