Meet Sonia & Sylvie, the founders

Sonia and Sylvie created Beautyque NYC to be a booster for emerging beauty brands who aim to get to the next level, while creating an amazing discovery space for beauty seekers.

Sonia has a Master Degree in Finance and more than 15 years’ experience in corporate environments. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and has been involved in many different industries, real estate, entertainment, medical and beauty. She is the founder of her own beauty brand in NYC and from personal experience has firsthand knowledge of how hard it is to make a brand and a product successful even if you have a functional product, a strong purpose and business drive. She strongly believes that Entrepreneurs are stronger together.With Sylvie, Beautyque NYC was born to be a booster to success for brands who aim to go to the next level by creating an amazing beauty discovery space for beauty seekers.

A French-born citizen, Sylvie has a Master Degree in Marketing; she started her career in Paris then moved to London working for tech startups. She came to the US in 2007, where she headed the advisory division of a large bank. In 2011, she launched her own management consulting firm dedicated to advising and operating niche beauty and fragrance brands in the US, and recently launched her own skincare line, an innovative concept in sun care. Along with Sonia in Beautyque NYC, Sylvie brings her experience as a brand founder, a marketer and a business developer.