1. New York flagship: retail representation on one of the best blocks in SoHo, NYC, 6-month contract.

2. pop-ups in New York SEPTEMBER 8- OCTOBER 7, 2022

NYFW is on the way back this fall, and now is the perfect time to plan for a unique retail opportunity in the absolute prime locations via two options. Yes , you read it right, you have the possibility to be in a pop-up store in SoHo at Beautyque X doors for a month or for a 6-month contract.

Typically drawing 230,000 fashion industry representatives and luxury shoppers to NYC and generating $532 M in visitor spending, New York Fashion Week is the most alluring time for your brand’s activation in the Big Apple

Beautyque NYC – the first 3D multi-brand virtual store in the beauty industry, is collaborating again with doors. ( for the 5th time!) – a retail and PR platform for independent fashion designers - for this upcoming September 2022. When you put these two together, you get a true one-of-a-kind retail experience where independent fashion designers, indie beauty brands, and growing artists can come together to showcase their products in an Optimistic setting.


Founded by indie beauty entrepreneurs, Beautyque NYC is the very first multi-brand virtual 3D store in the beauty industry. It was originally intended to open as a physical retail store in SoHo, NYC before the pandemic hit — and as a result, the concept was transposed entirely to the digital space. Beautyque NYC is the only virtual retail platform created specifically for indie brands in beauty and wellness. We are a 3D virtual showroom, an e-commerce website, and a retail marketing platform all in one. Since our launch in May 2020, we've worked with more than 40 brands, built a community of more than 15,000 beauty enthusiasts, reached more than 500K people, and that's only the beginning!


doors. is a revolutionary ecommerce, PR showroom, experiential pop-up & wholesale platform for independent fashion designers, cult niche brands and emerging artists to showcase and sell their work in the USA Based in New York City, doors. is constantly looking for edgy designers and innovative artists that push the boundaries doors. is on a mission to support creativity, innovation and nurture talent


September 2022


  • 2000-2500 sq ft
  • 40+ designers, 10+ artists, 10+ beauty brands
  • absolute prime location in SoHo, New York, next to luxury brands like next to luxury brands like Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, R13, and at 5-min walk from the main NYFW shows' venue downtown
  • brand mix will include New-York based fashion talent like Private Policy, PH5, and international cult brands, like Juun J, GCDS and Y/ Project
  • engaging event program of 15+ in-store events: meet-the-designer’, NYFW presentations, panel discussions and more
  • opportunity for you to organize a mono-brand event at no additional cost ● complimentary brand content from New York for your social media channels
  • Unique shelf space per brand


  • Pop-up Press & bloggers outreach
  • Brand founder events & tutorials organized & Hosted at Beautyque NYC & doors.
  • Pop-up Ad campaigns executed by doors.
  • Multibrand Social media executed by both doors. and Beautyque NYC- Email Marketing executed by Beautyque NYC


  • A professional retail team provided by doors. that will be trained on your brand and equipped to present your brand
  • Brand founders have freedom to be present at any time & create events during the Pop-Up month.


  • Mission driven brands (sustainable, community driven, Inclusive, clean...)
  • Indie Brands in Beauty & Wellness
  • Brands with effective products ready to sell in the US
  • Brands ready to move forward fast


  • A shelf space with up to 5 products to showcase
  • Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts
  • Samples to share & Products to test
  • Team support
  • Brand exposure
  • Physical store experience


  • Price for participation in the Pop-Up is to be disclosed during our discovery call
  • Set-up will take place two days before the opening date on September 2022
  • Brands will need to ship all products before & during set-up takes places, with return labels included (unsold merchandise will be returned to respective brands

VIP SERVICES ( Not included in monthly price)*

  • Micro-Influencer campaign powered by Beautyque*
  • Email Blast powered by Beautyque X doors.
  • Guaranteed boosted social media posts, reels and stories from doors. x Beautyque
  • Dedicated Photo shoot with Fashion Model
  • VIP shelf space*

* not including shipping and handling fees


Beautyque NYC X doors. Pop-Up
June 2021
76 Wooster Street, NY, 10013


Beautyque NYC X doors. Pop-Up
September 2021
27 Greene Street, NY, 10013


Beautyque NYC X doors. Pop-Up
Jan - Feb , 2022
27 Greene Street, NY, 10013


Beautyque NYC X doors. Pop-Up
June 2022
8382 Melrose Avenue, LA, CA, 90069


Why is this Pop-Up different?

doors specialize in Fashion & PR, and we specialize in Beauty & Tech. We believe that bringing beauty to all these elements with our expertise is a perfect marriage in a month pop-up store.

Am I signing an agreement with Beautyque NYC or doors.?

As a beauty brand, you will be part of the Beautyque NYC corner at doors. You will be signing an agreement with Beautyque NYC, which is a partner of the doors. Pop-Up.

Is this Pop-up like the one in doors.' presentation?

This pop-up will be in a Optimistic setting. Each time the pop-up space is different and the organization is different. However the vibe stays the same.

Do I have to be present for the Pop-Up? 

No, there is no need for the brand's representative to be present but it is recommended. doors has a professional retail team and Beautyque NYC Team will be present. However, it is recommended to be present for the opening date and the upcoming events that you will organize if it is possible. There is no better person than the founder and the brand team to represent the brand. You will provide your brand info, and we will showcase your collections. doors receives 30% and Beautyque NYC receives 20% from every sale.

What is the address of the Pop-Up? 

The exact address will be determined soon but it's in SoHo next to luxury brands and it's under negociation at this moment.

How many products can I showcase? 

Up to 5 products for beauty. It will be showcased in a dedicated beauty area (Beautyque X doors.) Once your brand is approved by us, the agreement signed and the payment received, you will send a specified number of units per product to the pop store. If you have several shades for each product, please send up to 5 shades.

When should I send the products? 

Beautyque NYC needs to have all the products during the setup - two days before the opening. You will send products, once the form is filled out and approved by Beautyque NYC to our warehouse or to the store during the set-up.

What happens if all products are sold?

Your products will be added to Beautyque NYC website. Once the products are sold in-store, we will sell the products, process the sale at Beautyque e-commerce, and you will receive an automatic email to ship the product- As it's a one-month Pop-Up, we will make sure the process is easy for you to manage as well as for us.

What happens if not all products are sold?

You are responsible for your inventory- you can either send someone at the end of the Pop-Up to pack the products or send us the shipping labels to ship it back to you in the same package.

I do not have samples, how customers will try my products?

We ask participating brands to send a maximum of 20 samples per product. Samples are the safest way for people to try the products. We will not share the samples with everyone — only customers interested in buying the product.

You need to send testers for every product on the shelf and for every shade Please label the tester with a label (TESTER). You will also need to send the tools needed for safety (single-use mascara brush for example...) The Beautyque NYC team and doors. team will be showing the products to customers.

What happened during the previous Pop-Up in SoHo?

Please see doors presentation.

How can we organize the events at Beautyque NYC X doors. Pop-Up?

As a participant of Beautyque X doors. Pop-Up you are entitled to hold a “Meet the Founder” / Friends & Family / Products Demonstrations event in the store if you wish so at no additional fee. Brands have to cover the costs of drinks for the guests and any other extra costs, if they apply, for example, if the brand decides to have a DJ for the event. Please inquire with Beautyque \ regarding the available dates. The dates are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-serve basis.

Holding an event at Beautyque X doors. Pop-Up is recommended if you have a great concept for the event and you have a significant contacts list to ensure attendance. For all events, it is the sole responsibility of the brand to promote the event and ensure good attendance of the event. We ask the brand to submit the guest list of min 20-25 guests 48 hours before the event.

Beautyque will however promote any mono-brand event via our social media and email marketing And Doors. will promote via social media.