Our July Brand Evaluation Program is now closed!
The next one will be open from Aug 1-10

Thank you to all of our members who participated in July, and congrats to the 80 lucky members who will receive a free product to review!

Beautyque's Brand Evaluation Program is a valuable way for brands to collect unbiased feedback and inputs from people like you, who decide about what they want to put on and in their body, and are not influenced by trends. Every month, we select a handful of beauty brands and products that we offer for review: young brands that are launching, as well as established brands that want feedback on a specific product. They all have 2 things in common: they do not use any harmful or toxic ingredients, and they set new standards in their category.

Become a member to join this exciting program, and discover new cutting-edge brands and products to review every month. It is entirely free and a lot of fun!

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Sonia & Sylvie, Founders

Beautyque's co-founder Sylvie talks about the program (with her French accent).

How it works

1. Join our BeautyQlub and become a member

2. Pick a brand in the list (maximum 2 brands per person, from 2 different categories). The product you see attached to the brand is the one to evaluate

3. Fill in the questionnaire attached to the brand(s) you have selected (maximum 2) - each brand has its own questionnaire so if you choose 2 brands, you have to fill in 2 questionnaires. Each questionnaire takes about 15-20 minutes

4. Once we receive enough questionnaires, we select 10 members to whom we send products to try (all free of charge)

5. You try the product(s)

6. You submit your full review, within 10 days after you receive the product(s)

Your questionnaire and personal info remains strictly anonymous and is not shared with the brands.

Participating brands and products
July 2020



Category: Skin Care

Sub-category: skin conditions, young adults and adults

Launch Date: 2015

Origin: US

Website: https://freshfacedskincare.com/

Instagram handle @freshfacedskincare

Sold out

Product description: Clarity Serum purify pores, clear skin, and brighten the appearance of age spots and acne scars. Gently exfoliating, this lightweight serum dissolves dead skin cells and prevents new breakouts from forming, leaving skin purified and fresh, for a clearer, brighter complexion.

Products to review: 5 x full size + 5 x sample size

Age group (1): 26-39

Requirement or mention (if any): acne prone skins preferred




Brand's name: MASAMI

Category: Hair Care

Sub-category: Everay day care

Launch Date: Feb 2020

Origin: US

Website: https://www.lovemasami.com/

Instagram handle @lovemasamihair

Sold out

Product description: MASAMI Styling Cream is lightweight and provides a gentle hold that keeps hair flawlessly in place. Mekabu and Aloe Vera add hydration, protection, and shine, while Vitamin E, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond Oils help nourish the hair from root to tip, eliminating frizz for a natural, soft, silky look. Non-greasy, non-sticky MASAMI Styling Cream boasts the benefits of a wax, paste and cream, and a flexible, all-day hold, that can be messy, sleek or anything in between. Use on wet or dry hair.

Products to review: 10 x full size

Age group (1): 28-52

Requirement or mention (if any): you need to have hair:-)


Brand's name: REJUCREAM

Category: Intimate Care

Sub-category: Vulva treatment and care

Launch Date: 2019

Origin: US

Website: www.rejucream.com

Instagram handle @rejucream

Sold out

Product description: Use REJUVENATE Intimate Revitalizing Cream every day to nourish and protect your most intimate area.

From menopause, to birth control, waxing, shaving and pregnancy, everyday life can impact your intimate area! Your vulva may become drier and lose elasticity, causing pain, irritation and discomfort.

Products to review: 10 x full size

Age group (1): all ages

Requirement or mention (if any): you need to have a vulva:-)




Brand's name: si SKIN ORGANICS

Category: Skin Care

Sub-category: Anti-aging for olive skin

Launch Date: 2017

Origin: US

Website: https://siskinorganics.com/

Instagram handle @siskinorganics

Sold out

Product description: Enhance your skin's luminosity with our Brightening Elixir. Formulated with optimal concentrations of skin firming Red and Brown Algae, combined with bio actives such as Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Products to review: 10 x full size

Age group (1): 40-65

Requirement or mention (if any): darker /olive skin preferred




Brand's name: SKINKICK

Category: Skincare

Sub-category: Acne and skin conditions

Launch Date: 2016

Origin: US

Website: https://www.skinkick.com/

Instagram handle @skinkick

Sold out

Product description: A simple + effective system made with powerful plant extracts that are clinically proven to renew and protect the skin for an overall radiant complexion.

Contains: Daily Exfoliant Cleanser (3floz) - Blemish Relief Lotion (0.5oz) - Glow Renewal Serum (0.5oz)

Products to review: 10 sets (full size)

Age group (1): 26-40

Requirement or mention (if any): suits acne prone skin




Brand's name: SWEET + KIND

Category: Skincare

Sub-category: Anti-aging, CBD

Launch Date: 2019

Origin: US

Website: https://sweetandkindco.com/

Instagram handle @sweetandkindco

Product description: This creamy and lightweight serum has some powerful active ingredients to get you glowing: Acmella flower, known as “Nature’s Botox”, Vitamin A to speed cell turnover, Vitamin C to help with dark spots, full spectrum hemp extract (CBD), Vitamin E, Green Tea, Neroli Oil.

Products to review: 10 x full size

Age group (1): 35+

Requirement or mention (if any): contains CBD






Category: Makeup

Sub-category: Lipstick

Launch Date: 2018

Origin: US

Website: https://thesexiestbeauty.com/

Instagram handle @thesexiestbeauty

Sold out

Product description: A revolutionary non-drying transfer-proof liquid formula: glides on and dries flawlessly to a weightless, creaseless, dramatic matte finish with a sexy sheen, stays on until you take it off with no transfer, bleeding or feathering. Non-drying formula: emollients condition and retain lip moisture. Its precision sponge applicator defines while delivering buildable coverage. Comes in 19 different shades.

Products to review: 10 x full size (various shades)

Age group (1): all ages

Requirement or mention (if any): none




Category: Skincare & Make Up

Sub-category: Anti-Aging

Launch Date: 1979

Origin: US

Website: https://veramoorecosmetics.com/

Instagram handle @veramoorecos

Sold out

Product description: Vera developed her Signature Peptide+Serum using natural extracts, essential oils and specialty anti-aging ingredients that deliverers high performance results. Nine botanicals and marine extracts synergistically blended along with advanced peptides help firm, tighten and enhance skins texture, dramatically reducing the visibility of winkles.

Products to review: 10 x full size

Age group (1): 35+

Requirement or mention (if any): none


(1) the age group is a suggestion for optimum results, according to the product and what it is formulated for