With life coming back to the streets, it is an amazing opportunity to showcase and sell the brand to savvy customers in Soho, NYC

BEAUTYQUE NYC - The first 3D multi brand Virtual storefront Showroom and marketing platform is collaborating with DOORS. - A membership- based Retail & PR platform for independent Fashion-forward designers where independent fashion Designers, Indie Beauty brands & Artists have access to an experiential and absolute prime location in SoHo, NYC.


  • 76 Wooster Street, Next to Gucci, Moschino, Real Real, Celine....
  • 2,500 sqf
  • In store Experience


  • Press & Bloggers events
  • Small events (meet the founder...)
  • Beautyque featured press with the participating brands
  • Ad campaigns


  • A professional retail team from Doors
  • Beautyque team experienced beauty experts
  • Brand founders freedom to be present at any time



Beautyque Members: $400

Non-members: $600

Set-up date: June 14th, 2021

Pop-up date: June 15th - June 21st, 2021

DOORS Pop-Up ''Other Worlds'' is usually a month-long retail pop-up at the best location in SoHo, NYC. The aim of the pop-up is to create a truly fascinating fashion-art-beauty-technology experience, activate Fashion designers in an exciting, Instagram-worthy space, yet discuss the relevant issues of today. This revolutionary pop-up will only be located in London, New York, and Paris this year. DOORS is taking an amazing space on Greene Street, in SoHo, New York on September 2021— an absolute prime location, most recently used for Hermes pop-up, next to Dior, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Tiffany, and Isabel Marant. The month-long pop-up has been moved to September, and there will now be a smaller scale, one-week pop-up from June 15th-21th.

Founded by indie beauty entrepreneurs, Beautyque NYC is the very first multi-brand virtual 3D store in the beauty industry. It was originally intended to open as a physical retail store in SoHo, NYC before the pandemic hit — and as a result, the concept was transposed entirely to the digital space. Beautyque NYC is the only virtual retail platform created specifically for indie brands in beauty and wellness. We are a 3D virtual showroom, an e-commerce website, and a retail marketing platform all in one. Since its Launch in May 2020, we worked with more than 30 beauty brands, have a community of more than 10,000 Beauty enthusiasts, , created more than 10 marketing programs, reached out more than 500K people and that's only the beginning!


  • Mission driven brands (sustainable, community driven, Inclusive, clean...)
  • Indie Brands in Beauty & Wellness
  • Brands with effective products ready to sell in the US
  • Brands ready to move forward fast



  • A shelf space with 5 products to showcase
  • Samples to share & Products to test
  • Publicity
  • Team support
  • Exposure
  • Products to sell
  • Physical store experience



Why this pop-up is different?

The theme of Other Worlds is bringing Fashion, Art and technology together. Doors is specialized in Fashion & PR, and we are specialized in Beauty & Tech. We believe that bringing beauty to all these elements with our expertise is a perfect marriage in a weekly pop-up store trial. We are dedicating a beauty corner in the world of Fashion, Art and technology. Technology will be the support to create experience in store and after all, it's all about beauty, and we will celebrate it in all in one and unique space.

Am I signing an agreement with Beautyque NYC or Doors?

As a beauty brand, you will be part of Beautyque NYC corner at Doors.

Is this Pop-up like the one in Doors' presentation?

This pop-up is a short and fast version of the one-month long Pop-up Store in September, and it's an affordable way to test the market after this long period of confinement- There will be three worlds instead of seven. On the main floor there will be ready to wear, Luxurious collections, Beautyque X Doors Beauty corner and art. Downstairs, there will be a resort section " Summer in the city" and a "street section".

Do I have to be present for June pop-up? 

No, there is no need for brand's representative to be present. Door has a professional retail team and Beautyque NYC Team will be present. However, it is recommended to be present for the opening date and the upcoming events if it is possible. There is no better person than the founder and the brand team to represent the brand. You will provide your brand info, and we will sell your collections. Doors receive 30 % and Beautyque NYC receive 20% from every sale.Thus, very motivated to sell the products.

What is the address of the pop-up? 

76 Wooster Street, SoHo, NYC. It has a fantastic location — on the same block with Gucci, Celine, Moschino.

How many products can I showcase? 

Up to 5 products for beauty. It will be showcased in a dedicated beauty area ( Beautyque X Doors.) Once your brand is approved by us, the agreement signed and the payment received, you will send 5 units per product to Beautyque NYC ( Pop-up) (1953 Grand avenue, Baldwin, NY,11510)

When should I send the products? 

Beautyque NYC needs to have all the products by June 13th, 2021 to set up the shelves on June 14th. You will send products once the form filled out and approved by Beautyque NYC.

What kind of PR you will provide for the pop-up? 

Doors plan to have a press and bloggers event during the pop-up and a number of smaller events, e.g. meet the artist, founder, stylist, fashion scanner-outfit-fashion travel activation etc. As you can see in Doors. presentation, DOORS is a retail as well as a full-scale PR platform. They represent a number of brands on PR side and work with editors, bloggers on a daily basis to ensure they get the brands featured in the press. Thus, they have thousands of editors, and bloggers contacts on their mailing list, and have done a great number of events, e.g. New York Fashion Week presentations, press days, bloggers breakfasts. Beautyque NYC, from our end, we are ensuring to invite hundreds of beauty influencers, a contact list of thousands of press and Major retailers.

What traffic do you expect for the pop-up?

As with any stand alone boutique, the traffic is highly affected by a multiple of aspects. First, the marketing & PR –Doors. plan to run paid social media campaigns, newsletters marketing and their PR department’s contacts (nearly 2000 of stylists, editors and bloggers contacts). Plus they make sure ALL brands share and promote the boutique, which totals in nearly 200-500k followers reach. Finally, the pop-up is located next to the Real Real, and opposite Moschino, Celine, Gucci, which also helps to drive the traffic. At the pop-up, we will have some amazing technology activations in the pop-up, and do press, buyers and bloggers event as well as smaller events, e.g. meet-the-founders etc.

What happens if all products are sold?

Your products will be added to Beautyque NYC website for the week. Once the products are sold in store, we will sell the products, process the sale at beautyque e-commerce, and you will receive an automatic email to ship the product- As it's a one-week Pop-up, we need to make sure the process is easy for you to manage as well as us.

What happens if not all products are sold?

You are responsible for your inventory- you can either send someone on June 21st, 2021 to pack the products or send us the shipping labels to ship it back to you in the same package.

I do not have samples, how customers will try my products?

Safety first! For this reason,we ask participating brands to send a maximum of 20 samples per product. Samples are the safest way for people to try- We will not share the samples with everyone- Only interested people.

If you do not have samples, you will need to send a tester for every product- Please label the tester with a label (TESTER )- You will also need to send the tools needed for safety (single use mascara brush for example...)- Beautyque team and doors team will be showing the products to customers.