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We all know sleep is an essential part of our body's daily routine, allowing our systems to rest, restore, and reenergize overnight — and the skin is no exception! Our skin repairs and replenishes itself while we're sleeping, so applying the right night cream for your skin's needs will help maximize those results. We've selected a variety of 6 night creams for the face, including all-natural and medical-grade options, for all your skin's nighttime needs. These night creams will work with your skin overnight to deliver maximum moisture and anti-aging benefits, so you wake up with your skin looking tightened, brightened, and ready to take on the day!


Musalift Organic Lifting Night Cream by KADALYS (50 ml) - $76.00

What it is: An organic night cream that's clinically shown to improve the look of skin and help fight the visible signs of aging by fighting skin's lack of elasticity and suppleness. Formulated with age-defying natural ingredients that reinforce the building blocks of youthful skin.

Why you'll love it: This lifting and firming night cream lets you wake up glowing and looking rested. The natural, organic formula helps restores skin firmness, radiance and softness for a more youthful appearance, so you can wake up in the morning with firm, glowing, baby-soft skin!

Anti-Aging Booster Regenerating Rich Night Cream by Alban Muller Cosmetics (50 ml) - $85.00 

What it is: A rich night cream that stimulates cell renewal mechanisms to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. Boosts the skin’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid for an anti-aging and moisturizing effect. Gives back to the skin the precious minerals lost throughout the day and contributes to the renewal of cells.

Why you'll love it: Night after night, day after day, your skin is revitalized and visibly rejuvenated, it regains its strength, radiance, and dreamlike perfection. This rich, luxurious cream will restore moisture to your skin, while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits!

LIFT + PERFECT Total Rejuvenation by LIFTLAB SKINCARE (50 ml) - $185.00 

What it is: A lifting and perfecting cream that addresses every aspect of aging deep within the skin as well as on the surface, and provides the most advanced skin-hydrating treatment available. It is powered by the highest percentage of patented Cell Protection Protein® + other actives, clinically-proven to promote deep wrinkle repair, lighten dark spots, brighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and refine texture.

Why you'll love it: This rich, luxurious product is perfect for your nighttime routine, with 15 botanicals and other active ingredients that work to reduce irregular pigmentation, reduce skin roughness, and increase brightness and elasticity. Plus hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory peptides to intensely hydrate and prevent skin irritation. This is the ultimate anti-aging step to add to your skincare routine before bed!

LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complexe by PRIORI SKINCARE (50 ml) - $72.00  

What it is: An oil-free, medical-grade, silky-smooth emulsion formulated with essential skin nutrients to strengthen and repairs your skin’s barrier function. This antioxidant and vitamin-infused formula locks in moisture while replenishing and repairing weakened skin for a softer, smoother appearance.

Why you'll love it: This unique product will deliver powerful, medical-grade results without being harsh or damaging your skin. The 2% LCA Complex provides advanced moisturization, multi-layer skin renewal, and antioxidant protection while ceramides help restore a healthy skin barrier. This night cream even contains a special anti-irritant complex with anti-inflammatory soothing action, so your skin will get the best results without getting irritated!

Nourish Moisturizer by Fresh Faced Skin Care (1.7 oz) - $32.00

What it is: A scientifically-formulated, oil-free moisturizer that nourishes, hydrates, and freshens your skin. The ideal moisturizer for combination and oily skin, it combines ceramides and hyaluronic acid to moisten and refresh, without adding excess oil.

Why you'll love it: This luxurious, deeply nourishing moisturizer is the perfect night cream in your skincare routine, especially if you have combination or oily skin. The fragrance-free formula will deliver maximum hydration without irritating the skin.

Signature Collection C+ Moisturizer by Vera Moore Cosmetics & Skincare (1 oz) - $55.00 

What it is: A luxurious moisturizer formulated with natural extracts, vitamins, and essential oils synergistically blended to deliver anti-aging results. The double dose of vitamin C revitalizes, repairs, and stimulates new collagen production without irritation. Incorporates sea whip extract to calm redness, red marine algae to brighten dull skin, and CoQ10 to firm, tone, and reduce free radical damage.

Why you'll love it: This signature moisturizer will give your skin everything it needs, especially while you sleep. The vitamin C will bring clarity to dull, sluggish skin, so you wake up looking bright and energized! Its other natural extracts work to calm redness and irritation, and deliver anti-aging results without irritating the skin.



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