Essentials Kit


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This essentials kit comes with 3 cleansing fibers and 1 exfoliating fiber, to provide you with all your cleansing, makeup removal and exfoliating needs to up to 2 years. And no product needed. Laundry bag included.

chemical free
no product required
zero waste, upcycling when complete
great for sensitive
removes dirt and bacteria from within the pores
clinically tested to reduce pore size


1. Rinse your croon with warm water and gently draw out any excess water, 2. Work the croon microfiber using soft circular motion on your skin, taking care around your eyes. Voilà! It’s really that simple.


Can be used for : facial cleansing, makeup removal, facial exfoliating

To clean your microfibers, gently hand or machine wash with warm water and soap.

Cleansing Face Fiber
20% acrylic/80% polyester

Exfoliating Face Fibers
65% acrylic/35% polyester

Dermatyest 5 star guarantee

OekoTex Stamp 100

ISO 14001 ISO 9001

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