Tool Kit


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There’s a learning curve to going waterless, but this pack of artisanally crafted goodies will effortlessly uplift your experience. Spoil yourself with the Gentle Dual Cleansing Cloth’s supreme makeup removal, blend your powder with the Organic Bamboo Spoon, and let your senses steep as our Handcrafted Mixing Bowl embraces the alchemy of it all.

This cloth is a reusable, environmentally-friendly way to remove makeup while helping you cut back on harsh products that could disturb the balance of your skin and its microbiome.

Wet cloth with warm water. With gentle circular motions and very light pressure, use the silky side to remove any face and eye makeup or dirt and grime from the day. Flip cloth over to the terry side to gently exfoliate and pat dry. The cloth will remove most types of makeup without leaving a residue and without requiring a rinse.

Simply place powder and water in bowl and blend away! Rinse after use.

Gentle Dual Cleansing Cloth, Organic Bamboo Spoon, Handcrafted Mixing Bowl