October Brand Evaluation Program
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Every month, we give our valued members the opportunity to provide their feedback on selected brands and products
If you are not selected to receive any of the products in this session, you will be in a future one for sure! (after you join our BeautyQlub)

Dear Beauty Enthusiast,

Beautyque's Brand Evaluation Program is a valuable way for brands to collect unbiased feedback and inputs from people like you, who decide about what they want to put on and in their body, and are not influenced by trends. Every month, we select a handful of beauty brands and products that we offer for review: young brands that are launching, as well as established brands that want feedback on a specific product. They all have 2 things in common: they do not use any harmful or toxic ingredients, and they set new standards in their category.

Become a member to join this exciting program, and discover new cutting-edge brands and products to review every month. It is entirely free and a lot of fun!

A bientôt !:-)

Sonia & Sylvie, Founders

Beautyque's co-founder Sylvie talks about the program (with her French accent).

How it works

1. Sign up and join our BeautyQlub

2. Pick a brand in the list below. The product you see attached to the brand is the one to evaluate. You can pick as many brands as you want, but you'll only be receiving one product per session.

3. Fill in the questionnaire attached to the brand(s) you have selected - each brand has its own questionnaire and it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete

4. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you aren't already

5. Once we receive enough questionnaires, we select 10 members to whom we send a product to evaluate (all free of charge)

6. You receive and try the product

7. You submit your full review, within 10 days after you receive the product

Your form and personal info remain strictly anonymous and are not shared with the brands.

Participating brands and products
October 2020


Brand's name: Alban Muller

Category: Skin & Body Care

Sub-category: All natural and organic

Launch Date: 2020

Origin: France

Website: https://albanmuller.com/

Instagram handle @albanmullercosmetics_us

Youth & Glow Complex Multi-Action Face Serum



Product description:The Youth & Glow Complex Multi-Action Face Serum protects against the harmful effects of blue light and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and spots. Protected and repaired, your skin regains its freshness and radiance, appearing younger and less tired.


Ecocert/Cosmos Organic Certified


Products to review: 30 x full size

Age group (1): 25-45

Requirement or mention (if any): none




Brand's name: Kadalys

Category: Skin Care

Sub-category: 100% organic, banana-based

Launch Date: 2012 (France) - 2020 (US)

Origin: France

Website: https://us.kadalys.com/

Instagram handle @kadalys_us

Organic Radiance Precious Oil


Product description: Organic Nutritive Precious Oil for Face & Hair: this dry oil boosts the radiance of dull skin and hair without leaving a greasy finish. Leaves skin looking luminous, fortified, and radiance. Leaves is shiny + strengthened.
Bright and sunny floral scent.


Vegan, Cruelty Free, 100% Natural & powered by Yellow Banana. Certified by Ecocert & Cosmebio.


Products to review: 20 x full size

Age group (1): none

Requirement or mention (if any): none




Brand's name: Snow

Category: Oral Cosmetics

Sub-category: quality dental care for all

Launch Date: 2015

Origin: US

Website: https://www.trysnow.com/

Instagram handle @snow

Lip Exfoliator + Rejuvenating Lip Treatment + Snow Lip Applicator/Cold Compress Under-Eye Roller



Product description: Snow's all new glacier water lavender and mint sugar lip exfoliator, and Snow Rejuvenating Lip treatment, a luxurious, intensely reparative, and rejuvenating, collagen-boosting formula that instantly softens roughness, relieves discomfort and rejuvenates dry lips.

Comes with Snow Lip Applicator/Cold Compress Under-Eye Roller, a multi-use skincare tool and applicator..


Products to review: 10 x combos

Age group (1): none

Requirement or mention (if any): none  




Brand's name: Virginia Stone

Category: Eye Care

Sub-category: skin tone specific skincare

Launch Date: 2018

Origin: Canada

Website: https://virginiastone.com/

Instagram handle @myvirginiastone

'Eyes For'



Product description: 3-in-1 Superfood Eye Cream, specifically formulated for each skin tone: Kavesi for fair skin, Jasari for medium skin tone and Odaja for darker skin tone.

Fortified with multi-layered antioxidants, vitamins, and vital nutrients ‘Eyes’ is a 3-in-1 superfood complex designed to stimulate cell renewal, combat free radical damage, inhibit oxidative stress, and reenergize and awaken tired, aging skin.



Products to review: 20 x full size

Age group (1): 35-65

Requirement or mention (if any): each reviewer will receive the product that matches their skin tone


(1) when mentioned, the age group is a suggestion for optimum results, according to the product and what it is formulated for