Step into Beautyque Verse, where we strive to evolve beauty retail in virtual reality. Since pioneering the first VR beauty store in 2020, our journey has led us here. Blending social connection, AR technology, and AI-driven product recommendation, we invite you to be part of shaping a unique beauty shopping experience. Your participation and feedback are invaluable in this shared journey of innovation.




VR Shopping

Immerse yourself in a thoughtful and interactive VR shopping realm, where exploration meets innovation.

Social VR Shopping

Connect, interact, and share moments with friends in our virtual beauty world, across multiple platforms. Whether you're using Oculus, iOS, or Android, experience the joy of shopping together, seamlessly in a shared virtual space.

Amara's Guidance & Product Interaction

Navigate your shopping journey with Amara's gentle guidance, ensuring a personalized and effortless experience at every step.


At Beautyque NYC, our journey has always been about more than just creating a VR shopping platform. We're dedicated to building a unique world that resonates with your desires and aspirations in beauty. As a self-funded startup, our commitment lies in bringing you a curated selection of brands that stand out for their quality and innovation. We aim to offer the best, not necessarily the largest or smallest, but those that truly make a mark in the beauty industry.

Our vision with Beautyque Verse is to offer a new way to explore beauty - a journey that is as much about discovering exceptional products as it is about connecting with a like-minded community. We believe in providing an experience that goes beyond traditional shopping, one that is enriched with knowledge, connection, and personal exploration in the world of beauty.

Your voice, vision, and experience are vital. Help us shape Beautyque Verse into a haven where beauty, technology, and community merge to create something extraordinary.

System Requirements:

  • Oculus: Compatible with Oculus 1, 2, and 3. Optimal on Oculus 2 and 3.
  • iOS: Requires iOS 14 or above.
  • Android: Compatible with Android version 10 or above.

Exclusive Perks for Beta Testers:

  • Shape the Future: Your input shapes the development of Beautyque Verse.
  • Early Access: Experience new features first.
  • Community Recognition: Be recognized as a key member of our community.
  • Insider Insights: Receive exclusive updates and insights.

Join our Beauty Tech Journey: Your participation as a beta tester is integral to creating an unmatched VR shopping experience. Be part of this thrilling venture where beauty, technology, and community converge.