The Promise of Infinite Rejuvenation.




New York, NY


At Yon-Ka, our priority is to provide visible and lasting results, by giving back the skin its natural ability to regain and maintain its balance, its health and its beauty, and acting in an effective manner on its dermatological issues and aging process. Yon-Ka’s Research & Development is totally geared towards achieving fast and visible results. It relies on an in-house scientific experts committee (including PhD pharmacists, dermatologists, biologists, chemical engineers, bacteriologists…) and rigorous standards for the clinical evaluation of the efficacy of the products marketed. We carefully formulate, manufacture, control and distribute all the products we sell, which allows us to ensure a total traceability from the raw material to the end-product at its retail destination. The Yon-Ka products are manufactured in France; they are not tested on animals and respect a precise formulation charter. They do not contain parabens, aluminum salts, SLS, MIT, or Triclosan.


"If you believe in something, do it."

That's the motto of Catherine and Françoise Mühlethaler sister-owners of the heritage brand Yon-Ka Paris.
Long before #cleanbeauty was a buzzword…
Fiercely passionate for the plant kingdom and visionary entrepreneurs, the two sisters – Catherine (an aesthetician) and Françoise (a biochemist) joined forces – and career paths – in an empowering mission to bring what nature can best offer to beauty!
Since Yon-Ka laboratories first launched in 1954, the company has pioneered the production of cutting-edge aromatherapy and phytotherapy formulas that merge botany, scientific innovation, wellness, and beauty.

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