Intimate Care is the new Self Care




New York, NY


When a woman feels good about herself, she evokes an energy that transcends into her surroundings, filling her life, and those around her, with positivity and radiance. When both our mind and body is cared for, we are capable of being our best self, and this is where REJUCREAM all began. We wanted to see women, all over the globe, be kinder to their intimate part and not feel ashamed in doing so. An easy addition to your daily skincare routine, Rejuvenate will show you the impact that caring for your Vulva can have on your emotional and physical wellbeing.


As confidants, we listened and provided insight, thoughts and knowledge to the women around us. Our lives were shared in a safe space and bonds were built. It became clear to us that there was an important lack of education and diversity in the intimate care market. It’s long-overdue that we break taboo and honor the whole body - and feel empowered doing so. Your intimate area is the most sacred part of your body. It deserves special care and attention like nowhere else does, and it all begins with your Vulva! Our innovative formulas moisturize while bringing you comfort, whether you are looking for anti-irritation, soothing benefits or extra hydration. It will make you feel nourished, soft, rejuvenated and protected, leaving you feeling good and confident throughout your day. This is why we developed REJUCREAM.

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