Daylight Defense System




Skinergies’ advanced skincare is formulated to provide the skin with an adequate protection for everyday use against ambient sunlight: our non-SPF technology combines the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants and star ingredient hyaluronic acid with natural and powerful filters of UV-A rays, blue light and IR, that are the #1 cause of premature aging and worse, melanoma. In addition, because our daily exposure to ambient sunlight is incidental, sporadic and made of short moments, our technology restores the natural properties of the skin to optimally manage the good and the bad of UV-B rays: allow vitamin D synthesis while fending off the risks of sunburns, especially for fair skin tones.


After many years of working in the sun care and skin care industry, I realized that neither sunscreen or any other skin care, even with the best antioxidants, was offering an adequate solution to what daily exposure to ambient sunlight actually does to our skin. I started Skinergies with the objective of bringing not only something new, but something that makes everyone’s life easier and healthier on a daily basis. Every day, every single one of us is exposed to UV radiations and we can’t avoid it. Of course, I like the beauty aspect of what we do, and how our products mitigate the signs of premature aging, but I am primarily proud of the health aspect of our mission. If Skinergies can play a role in improving people’s understanding of how sunlight affects their skin and how to revert it, I’d consider we have accomplished our mission.