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Celebrating the beauty of different faces with the cleanest, most sustainable color cosmetics in the world.


As creator of Sappho and an Emmy nominated MUA, I am passionate about honesty and excellence in products as well as the creative process. Keenly aware of the dangers that face our planet I have done much research into what creates beautiful formulations and which chemicals we do not wish to have in our cosmetics. We have so far been able to remain ethos intact with 100% ingredient transparency and wish to remain so. We offer an inclusive range of high-performance vegan formulations and a promise to get greener as we grow. We use only ethically mined, low heavy metal minerals and we are focus building sustainable practices from start to finish.I am also passionate about art and makeup artistry. Humans love to adorn themselves and we are also committed to creating amazing visuals with organic formulations that perform. We support The Breast Cancer Fund and The Urban Native Youth Assn.