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Nude Envie is a sophisticated line of nude makeup that subtly enhances features other makeups often change or conceal. All products are kept within nude tones to most naturally enhance the skin and allow for the individual to shine. With this color palette, there is inevitably no "wrong" combination of shades to apply. All products wear well with one another and create a beautiful harmony on the face. Our products are made with the finest ingredients, including lipsticks infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter, lip glosses with added peptides, and cheek products with hyaluronic acid and crushed pearls. Every product is certified vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free. Because they're so clean, they act as skincare that absorbs into the skin and naturally blends in. The secret to applying is in the formula, not the technique. There's no 'wrong' shade to pick and no 'wrong' way to apply it- foolproof!


That’s when the cosmetics gene kicked in… The daughter of a cosmetics visionary, Isabel Madison grew up immersed in beauty culture. She learned at a young age that feeling beautiful and being beautiful were one in the same; and it was confidence, sophistication, and subtleness that made her feel beautiful. Just as Isabel began infusing her vision into her father’s cosmetics company, she made the choice to put motherhood before her career. Never regretting her decision, Isabel raised three magnificent children, but her passion for cosmetics never faded. It wasn’t until recently that Isabel finally found her place in the vast cosmetics landscape. While shopping, Isabel’s sister began to feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of vibrant colors of lipstick in the store’s cosmetics departments. Why did lipstick need to be so overly wild and bold? It didn’t! And with this revelation, Nude Envie was born.