Crafted for Beauty



Crafted for beauty and sustainably sourced, Pili Ani skincare is not only supporting the lives of our farmers, but also the sustainable and organic practices that keep our Pili farms thriving. The Pili and Elemi oils extracted from the fruit and sap of the trees combine to create uniquely powerful skin food that’s sourced from nature, enhanced by science, and crafted with soul. Pili Ani is the only ​brand that uses Pili and Elemi oils in all of its products. Pili Oil and Elemi Oils each have remarkable benefits for the skin - Pili Oil is incredibly moisturizing while Elemi Oil is known for its firming properties. Separately, each ingredient is a standout but when combined, it creates a great synergy for your skin, giving you the two necessities for keeping signs of aging at bay. When used together, the two oils work together synergistically leading to incredible results.



Before there was Pili Ani, there was a Pili farmer named Noli. Rosalina bought her very first bottle of Pili Oil from Noli to help him feed his family. She wanted to support the farmer and the agricultural community, but didn’t actually know what to do with the Pili Oil. In 2012, Mary Jane suggested they invest in clinical tests to see if it would be worthwhile to bring Philippine made Pili Oil products to a global market. Rosalina saw this as a way to create a business that provides a livelihood for the local farmers. What the tests revealed is that this rare and potent oil is truly a miracle protector and healer for your skin through all of its layers. Pili Oil penetrates deep into the skin to lock in moisture without ever feeling greasy, protects your skin from free radicals and can even repair existing skin damage.