Beautyque X Doors Flagship in SoHo, NYC


Discover Unique Beauty & Wellness brands in person

DOORS. | 426 W. Broadway, New York, NY

Beautyque NYC and doors. have transformed what was once a pop-up collaboration into a vibrant flagship store, residing in the heart of SoHo at 426 West Broadway, NY, 10012. This exciting evolution marks our commitment to bring the best of beauty, fashion, and art to our discerning clientele.

This storefront showcases an exclusive collection of beauty brands curated by Beautyque NYC. Each brand has been hand-selected for its innovation, quality, and commitment to enhancing beauty in all its diverse forms. Visitors are welcomed to experience these unique beauty offerings firsthand, to touch, test, and truly understand the essence of each product. This tactile exploration is a cornerstone of our in-store experience, offering a personal interaction with beauty that online shopping cannot replicate.

Our flagship store, however, is more than just a retail destination—it's a celebration of resiliency and new beginnings. We have embraced the power of hope and optimism, using our platform to champion social activism, technological advancements, and emerging talent that inspires us.

Come and explore the vibrant and dynamic world of Beautyque NYC at doors., where you can discover new favorites, indulge in the luxurious beauty offerings, and join us in celebrating the diverse, creative spirit of the brands we host. The journey of discovery awaits at our doors.