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Break Stigmas for a kind and conscious future.



Evio breaks the stigma that luxury beauty can’t be kind, conscious and affordable. Evio offers kind and conscious products that are good for you, the community and the planet. They are always looking for innovative ways to make luxury accessible because they believe that good-for-you products should connect us - not divide us.


What if I told you that this all started from the bed of a women’s shelter in Vancouver, BC when Brandi Leifso was 21? Maybe Evio’s story can help break a stigma; Evio was created from the bed of a shelter when Brandi made the difficult choice to leave an unhealthy relationship with $15 and a laptop. It was a full shelter which meant she lived in a shared room and 29 other women in a secured house with one bathroom. She cherished every moment she had for selfcare. The shelter team and volunteers would often say, “Brandi won’t be here for long.” In turn she told herself, “I can’t be here for long.” She taught herself to mock products on photoshop by watching YouTube videos and photoshopped a catalogue of lip glosses named after people who inspired her and took to the streets to pre-sell products to small local boutiques. This is how she made enough money to get on her feet and bootstrap Evio for the first five years. We recognize that Brandi’s outcome has been very different than most. When she tries to pinpoint why, she always remembers the shelter team planting the seed that she wouldn’t be there for long. This sentiment helped break down her own limiting beliefs and stigmas of what she thought life after the shelter would look like. Ever since, Brandi has dedicated her life and career to breaking stigmas and building community fuelled by kindness. Thank you for being on this journey, and for breaking stigmas for a kind and conscious future.