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The secret to healthier, shinier, fuller and thicker hair is a healthy diet (this helps with many health- and wellness-related things) and proper hydration, of both the scalp and hair. Too often, we spend money in expensive scalp & hair masks that promise to repair split ends, eradicate dandruff, restore dry and thinning hair when enhanced daily care does magic.

When treating the root of the problem, diet is the priority, immediately followed by the necessity to use the right products: when choosing your shampoo or conditioner, check the label for toxic ingredients (sulfates, parabens, phtalates...) and look for ingredients that lock moisture and favor hydration, both for the scalp and the locks. Keeping the scalp healthy, hydrated and protected against environmenttal aggressors is the #1 assurance of healthy hair.

In our weekly selection, we feature the Masami line, that we love as a whole and the Incidental Sun Scalp & Hair Mousse from Skinergies, that protects the scalp and hair against the damaging effects of passive exposure to ambient sunlight and its harmful UV rays. The same way UV rays damage the skin and cause accelerated aging, they cause a number of damages such as suffocating the scalp and depriving it from its ability to grow helathy hair, accelerating the greying of the roots or breaking the hair's proteins and matrix.

As always, these products use non-toxic and naturally derived ingredients which properties are backed by science.

MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo 10 oz. (Masami) $38.00

What it is: Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, this luxurious shampoo is low foaming, adding shine and hydration for all hair types. MASAMI's nutrient rich formulation fortifies and reawakens hair. Apricot oil, coconut oil and Laminaria Japonica (kombu) provide the nutrients and vitamins important for healthy hair. MASAMI Shampoo is the ultimate in hydration for hair and nourishment for scalp.

Why you'll love it: from packaging to texture, you'll like everything. But the scent and the result on hair is what you are going to love the most, wondering how you could have lived without it so far.

MASAMI Mekabu Conditioner 10 oz. (Masami) $38.00

What it is: a luxurious conditioner, fortified by the hydrating qualities of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, and enhanced with Laminaria Japonica (Kombu) seaweed, aloe vera, blueberry extract, Vitamin B and other powerful anti-oxidants. This deep yet lightweight conditioner nourishes to restore softness, shine, and manageability while soothing the scalp.

Why you'll love it: same as with the shampoo: packaging, texture, scent are amazing. The result on hair is what you are going to love the most.

MASAMI Mekabu Shine Serum 2 oz. (Masami) $34.00

What it is: a multitasking, lightweight and delicately scented hair elixir, enriched with the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, to give even unruly, dull, lifeless, over-processed hair a hydrated, smoothed and nourished look. MASAMI Shine Serum enhances shine while leaving hair soft and silky. Protects your hair from heat styling, adds vibrancy to hair color while providing the nutrients necessary for long term nourishment and care. Oil-free, water-free, frizz-free.

Why you'll love it: whether you are using this serum along with the rest of the line or not, this serum is the perfect finish for your hair. It can be used with either wet or dry hair, and immediately makes the hair soft and shiny.

MASAMI Mekabu Styling Cream 4 oz. (Masami) $36.00

What it is: a styling cream that provides a gentle hold to keep hair flawlessly in place. Mekabu and Aloe Vera add hydration, protection, and shine, while Vitamin E, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond Oils help nourish the hair from root to tip, eliminating frizz for a natural, soft, silky look. Non-greasy, non-sticky MASAMI Styling Cream boasts the benefits of a wax, paste and cream, and a flexible, all-day hold, that can be messy, sleek or anything in between. Use on wet or dry hair.

Why you'll love it: like the rest of the line, this cream's texture is divinely nice and scented. It's non-greasy, non-sticky, it melts into hair and leaves absolutely no residue of any kind.

Incidental Sun Scalp & Hair Mousse 3.7 oz. (Skinergies) $45.00

What it is: a lightweight mousse specifically formulated to protect the scalp and hair from the damaging effects of UV rays: it naturally stimulates the sun defense of the skin on scalp to keep it protected and healthy, while delaying the greying of hair roots and protecting the locks from the loss in keratin caused by UV exposure. This mousse is to be used during the day, either with wet or dry hair, as often as you want.

Why you'll love it: the only product of the market that provides proper UV protection, this mousse is lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky, and melts instantly into scalp and hair. Besides UV, it also provides protection against heat. Full of antioxidanst and nourishing actives, it keeps scalp and hair healthy and shiny. One bottle will last for up to 6 months.

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