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Every now and then, we like to share what we’ve been reading – articles and books that have inspired and empowered us. Because one of our key missions is to lift up other women and remind them (if they need reminding) how badass they really are!

This week, we picked up a book of poems by an incredible, young Ghanaian called Ama Asantewa Diaka – Woman, Eat Me Whole. A collection that explores themes like womanhood, the body, consent, mental illness, and what it means to move between cultures. It’s a powerful book. We were particularly blown away by the poem ‘Love Yourself’, in which she writes:

“Love the ugly feet and the awkward teeth

Love the high-pitched laughter that grinds everybody’s gears

Love the intricacies of your mind and how it keeps you up all night

Love the parts of you you’re waiting for someone else to love …”


We were also encouraged to read Inc. magazine’s Female Founders 100 issue – a powerhouse group that includes Tory Burch, Cameron Diaz (for her wine company Avaline), Cami Téllez (Parade), and immigration lawyer Alexandra Lozano (read the full list here). Their companies tackle everything from financial literacy to reproductive health access and, together, are worth $22 billion.

In his introduction, editor in chief Scott Omelianuk writes: “It's odd that we still talk about women founders specifically as brave, when, in fact, anyone looking to play a game in which as many as nine out of 10 fail must be so. But it's especially true when the rules of that game remain stacked against you.”

Our respect goes to all of you who are out there raising families, running businesses, keeping a home, and doing a million jobs in difficult circumstances and against sometimes seemingly impossible odds. We see you, and want to give you a taste of one of the 100 founders’ stories. We hope it inspires you as much as it did us.

Allyson Felix is the most decorated American track and field athlete in Olympic history, having won seven gold medals, her last just 10 months after an emergency C-section. She made the headlines in 2019, when she blasted Nike for maternity policies that didn't support its sponsored athletes.

Now she’s retired, and is co-founder of Saysh, a women-centric footwear and lifestyle brand that has raised $11.5 million to date. Within 40 days of the website's launch during the 2021 Olympics, Saysh sold out of its $150 sneakers and had a 25,000-person waitlist. One of the brand’s key policies is that it will give a new pair of shoes to pregnant women if their foot size changes during pregnancy.

“The thing that gives me confidence is our mission and my hope for a better future for my daughter,” she says. “I want her to grow up knowing she is valuable, worthy, and capable. And to not let anybody else define that.

“It's important for women to see that there is freedom on the other side of fear. I was terrified to speak out. I wasn't sure how it would be received. But I started to realize I have a voice -- even if it shakes, I can still use it. We could all do this -- just strive to live bravely.”

Read her full story here.




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