Why raising humans is the best, toughest job

Three beauty brands parents will love

Of all our relationships in life, surely one of the most important – and certainly the most challenging – is that of a parent. What a gift! To be able to nurture a whole person to be kind, responsible, good, ethical adults. Hopefully they forgive us for all the mistakes we make along the way …

And if the impact we have on their life is huge, it's matched by the impact they have on our. We evolve into new people, fine tuning our personalities, taking more care of ourselves so we can be there for them – whole, healthy humans for as long as possible. This, friends, is what unconditional love looks like. 

Today’s newsletter goes out to all the parents – those who are blessed with the official  title, and those who become “surrogates” – giving of your time, love, and energy, working extra shifts, surviving sleepless nights and stressful days. May the hard times always be overshadowed by the pure, unadulterated joy a child can bring. You, friends, are badass!


Produced by our very own founder – herself a single mom – this multifunctional elixir comes from cactus seed oil, home grown in the neighborhood where she grew up in Tunisia. It contains a dynamic level of Vitamin E and Omega 6 to help ease all kinds of skin issues, including ageing, redness, hypersensitivity, dark spots, and dehydration




We know that when you’re a parent, timing is EVERYTHING! That’s why we love this multi-tasking beauty that acts as a make-up remover, toner, and refresher, improving the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and thickness while reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It comes from a brand run by three sisters, who were driven by the desire to share the proven and powerful yet simple skincare regime passed down by females in their family for generations. 





No one expects you to put a full face of make-up on every day. But for those days when you need to present a bold YOU to the world, Heather Fink from The Sexiest Beauty understands only too well the transformative power of a strong lip. As a little girl, she would sit at her grandmother’s vanity applying bright red nail polish to her mouth (don’t try that at home, kids!). These days, if she only puts on one thing before she leaves the house, it’s lipstick. “It’s a classy suit of confidence armor and I feel empowered to conquer anything,” she says. This brilliant product is available in 12 gorgeous shades that suit all skin tones, and one swipe lasts for hours.




When we select our brands, we apply demanding criteria so that you don’t have to. Mission-driven founders, highly efficient products formulated using safe ingredients, strong values such as sustainability, cruelty free, female leadership, inclusivity and social responsibility are among the key qualities we look for in our brands.

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