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"Mascne" is what we call acne caused by wearing a face mask. For many of us, wearing a face mask has become part of our daily lives — whether we have to wear it all day at work, or just when we go out in public. While face masks are important for keeping us safe, unfortunately, they can cause a lot of disruption on the skin including dryness, flakiness, and even breakouts. This is because the mask traps the humidity which accelerates the development of acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin, which can result in unwanted blemishes and acne.

We've selected 5 different options that will help you treat breakouts that you may be experiencing from wearing your face mask. This curated selection of cleansers and treatments will target your stubborn "mascne" and have your skin looking clear in no time!

2-Step Blemish Kick Duo Skincare System by Skinkick - $39.00

What it is: A plant-powered skincare system proven to clear blemishes and soothe problem skin. This easy-to-use system cleanses, clears, soothes, and protects your skin with safe, effective ingredients found in nature. It leaves your skin healthy and smooth— not dry or damaged.

Why you'll love it: This gentle, natural cleanser and blemish treatment will help clear your skin and prevent future breakouts that you may experience from wearing your face mask. Formulated without parabens, alcohols, toxins, or synthetic fragrances, the products won't irritate your skin — especially while wearing a face mask. They will also help calm skin inflammation and irritation, so this system is perfect for you if you have to wear a mask all day.

Starter Kit 1+1 by Croon - $29.00

What it is: This cleansing + exfoliating starter kit comes with 1 cleansing and 1 exfoliating reusable fiber to provide you with all your cleansing, makeup removal and facial exfoliating needs. Specially designed to work just with water, so no additional product is needed.

Why you'll love it: Croon is perfect for sensitive skin or skin that has been disrupted by wearing a face mask. The microfiber material removes dirt and bacteria from the pores, which will help reduce and prevent "mascne" from developing. You'll love this chemical-free, easy-to-use product for your daily cleansing needs.

Purifying Sulfur Mask by Fresh Faced Skin Care (2 oz) - $49.00

What it is: Ideal for deep-cleansing oily, break-out prone skin, this purifying mask works quickly to absorb excess oil, clarify pores, and soothe skin for a clear, refreshed complexion. This clay mask contains both bentonite clay and sulfur, which help to purify your pores and treat/prevent breakouts.

Why you'll love it: This mask is the perfect solution for "mascne." You can apply this mask 1-3 times per week to deeply cleanse the skin, absorb excess oil, purify your pores, and reduce redness and irritation caused by your mask.

CBD Activated Charcoal Cleanser by Elevate CBD Cosmetics - $40.00

What it is: An advanced, lightweight cleanser that combines the distinct properties of all natural plant-based ingredients plus 30 mg of CBD, and tea extracts to draw out and prevent skin clogging impurities. This gentle product assists with removing oil-based impurities and makeup, leaving your face with noticeably clearer, brighter skin.

Why you'll love it: This activated charcoal cleanser is great for acne-prone skin because it gently cleanses and purifies without being harsh or irritating, making it perfect for treating mascne.

Bia Skin Superfood by Codex Beauty - $50.00

What it is: A hydrating and nourishing treatment cream for face, hands and body. Made with our unique BiaComplex™ herbal formula, this cream helps treat dry, flaky or irritated skin and leaves it silky smooth.

Why you'll love it: This award-winning, versatile product will restore and lock in moisture on the skin after wearing your face mask all day. It is great for acne-prone skin and will help heal any dryness or flakiness that may be caused by wearing your mask.

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