Beauty Brands Doing Digital Right

It's Digital Marketing Month. Let's celebrate!

Within the past year, many of us have had to transfer from in-person jobs and extracurricular activities to completely digital platforms. Some of us are still in this virtual reality and are waiting for the day that we will be able to go back to this "normal" we are all expecting. This has been a big change for all of us, but even after such a big transition in all our lives, there are many brands that are thriving in the virtual space and doing digital right!


The first of these brands that are rockin' the digital space is AMAZINGCOSMETICS. Their online presence showcases all of their products in a positive, pastel pink light and their shade finder gives beauty enthusiasts everywhere the chance to find the perfect fit for them with each product.

They are also stepping up the game by featuring tutorials of all kinds to give customers the skills and looks that they are wanting to achieve. For over 20 years, they have helped women of all ages feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Featured here is their game-changing AMAZINGCONCEALER that rapidly achieved cult status among pro makeup artists and celebrities.


MASAMI, the ultimate in botanically hydrated hair, is sulfate- and cruelty-free and vegan. They have been promoting their Mekabu powder ingredient on all of their digital platforms and show the power of the powder.

Launching in 2020, in the year of the pandemic, there were many hiccups for brands in the digital space, but MASAMI rose to the top! They are continually giving back to the waters where they harvest the Mekabu and want to educate the world about the importance of maintaining balance in our world.


A mission to reduce agro-waste and by-products generated by the food industry. KADALYS  is the first eco-conscious, high-performance skincare brand and helps preserve our natural environment by upcycling agri-waste and developing new cosmetic active ingredients that concentrate the banana tree’s powerful molecules.

They use their digital platforms very strategically. The bright yellow theme across their sites connect the visuals back to the sustainable skincare ingredient of bananas. Promoting a skincare quiz and the science behind the products creates valuable resources for a customers to know what products are best for them and their skincare routine. These quizzes can also help you figure out the skincare order that's best for you.

These three brands are doing phenomenal things in the digital industry, and the best part is, you don't have to search for beauty brands near you because you can shop from these brands from the comfort of your home! From themed social media pages to beneficial product quizzes and initiatives to connect back to the ingredients, these brands know just the right balance to grow their companies and showcase just how great their products are!

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