On Thursday May 13th, 2021 we celebrated Beautyque NYC's first year anniversary! We hosted the first ever 3D virtual event inviting beauty lovers and beauty brands to come together for an epic disco party aka "Studio Beautyque" inspired by New York's biggest club scene, Studio 54. Here is a recap of our anniversary party:


Since Beautyque NYC was established in New York City, that is why we chose the aesthetic and overall theme of Studio 54. When you envision Studio 54, you are thinking of bright lights, sparkle, groovy looks, and let us not forget about the disco balls. We wanted to implement a disco-esque vibe that Studio 54 brought to the big apple in virtual form.


There were a total of four floors that consisted of different activities attendees could enjoy and be a part of. The first floor was our Beautyque NYC 3D virtual store decked in party decorations. On this floor, you were able to shop for beauty and wellness products from our amazing indie brands. We built a virtual elevator for guests to explore the entire event. It also consisted of a chatroom for everyone to connect with each other as well as network on each floor.


Our goal was to create a full-on party experience for attendees. So, on the second floor, we added a DJ booth which was where you could zoom with others during the event and have a dance party, a photo booth, and a mixology bar that directs you to a cocktail recipe tutorial that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. We strived to go all out on this floor because this was where the party took place.


We implemented a giveaway where indie brands had the opportunity to include their desired products in a "swag bag", then choosing an attendee who had the best photo-booth submission to win the swag bag filled with full-size and sample-size beauty and wellness products worth a value of $1,000.

Here are the sponsors that participated in the giveaway.


We invited a handful of influencers and brands to become guest speakers for our anniversary party discussing on the topic of beauty as well as marketing tactics. This floor was a place to lounge and gain new knowledge from individuals who have an immense amount of experience within the beauty industry.


  • Disco Glam Makeup Tutorial (Dana Gileza)
  • Diversity & Inclusion w/ Half n' Half Beauty (Kerry Ingram and Deana Kortesis)
  • Becoming Beauty Influencers (Vike Twins)
  • The Power of Perfume (Sue Phillips)
  • The Power of Audio in Beauty (Jaleesa Jaikaran and Susanah Zeffiro)
  • Thrive as a Female Founded Indie Beauty Brand (Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman)
  • Get Your Product Into Store (Mia Bell)
  • Creating a Successful Indie Brand in a Crowded Market (Karen Young)
  • Marketing in an Evolving World (Marc Somnolet)
  • Founders Panel: Mission Driven Brands (L. Audesson, J. Hardoon, Dr. A. Holden, and H. Fink)


During your presence at Studio Beautyque, you were able to visit our rooftop terrace to chill, sip on a cocktail, and enjoy scenic views of the city while mingling with others in our chatroom.


After one whole year, Beautyque NYC has gained so many supporters and recognition within the beauty industry ever since we launched our company. To all of the indie brands that chose us to showcase the special value of your products, thank you so much for trusting us. You have allowed our name to not only make a change environmentally but to create a community filled with amazing female entrepreneurs. These past few months, we have introduced many new indie brands to our team; and it will only increase from here. We have a lot of exciting things in the works for our company and all of you, Beautyque Babes!

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