What Certifies a "Clean" Brand?

Here at Beautyque NYC, all of our brands are 100% transparent with all of you beauties! But what does it really mean to be a “clean” brand? Like close friends, your daily products shouldn’t be holding back any secrets. A perfectly clean brand should be clear with their ingredients and processes. These brands should proudly showcase products without toxins and other harsh additives.

First off, let’s get to know what is classified as “clean beauty”. Many people think “clean” is synonymous to “all-natural”, however that is not the case. Brands are allowed to incorporate man-made ingredients within their products as long as they’re not toxic and are harmless. LiftLab is a prime example of man-made ingredients being helpful for all skin types rather than harmful. Plenty of hours have been invested into crafting products with clinically proven results. Another clean lab crafted skincare brand is Priori Skincare. The brand where biology meets biotechnology to create the perfect creations for all your skincare needs.

Clean beauty brands should also be transparent to their consumers with their ingredients lists. This means they shouldn’t try to sneak any toxic ingredients in without the consumers’ being aware of it once they’ve finished reading the ingredients list. Founder’s Formula is all about being clean with their products! All of their products are derived from natural Australian botanicals and take advantage of their beneficial properties. Fresh Chemistry is always transparent with their products since they’re combined by YOU! Individual ingredients are separated and ready to be combined as soon as you begin to use them. This ensures the freshest usage out of these clean skincare products. Rejucream is another clean beauty brand that focuses on your entire body. Their products rightfully nourish every inch of your body so you can always showcase your best self! Clean beauty doesn’t just stop at skincare and Dome Beauty embodies that. Each of their makeup products are crafted with the best ingredients so you can have confidence each time you wear it out

Some clean beauty certifications include EWG (Environmental Working Group) Verified, Natural Seal Personal Care, EcoCert Natural and Organic Cosmetics, Made Safe, and Credo Clean. All of these certifications have their own standards regarding a brand’s product and whether or not the product is natural, non-toxic, environmentally conscious, and/or free from harsh chemicals and side effects. Brands often display these certifications on their products’ packaging as a way to draw consumer interest.

We have many clean brands and products that are readily available for all beauty conscious lovers! Clean beauty is one of the many values Beautyque NYC strives to promote each and every day. No matter the category, there is a clean product for all of your beauty and skincare needs!

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