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Cream - Powder - Sheet

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An important part of our self-care and skincare routines, masks come in different forms, and with specific indications: oil regulation, clarifying, hydrating, anti-aging, soothing...

Beautyque NYC offers a large variety of options and we have selected 4 of them in this Beautyque Picks, each of them coming in a different texture, and serving different purposes:

  • Fresh Faced Skin Care's Purifying Sulfur Mask for oily and break-out prone skin - creamy texture
  • Olecea Beauté's Pearl + Charcoal Mask, to detoxify and clarify skin - self-heating creamy texture
  • For The Biome's Invigorate Powder Mask, to rebalance and revigorate stressed skin - powder mask
  • LIFTLAB Skincare's Face + Eyes Mask, for an immediate blast of youth on skin - cellulose sheet mask

BONUS: to allow for an easy and quick cleansing of the creamy masks in this selection:

  • Reusable Cleansing Fiber by Croon
  • Facecloth and mixing bowl and spoon by For The Biome, included in the brand's Tool Kit

Purifying Sulfur Mask 2 oz. (Fresh Faced Skin Care) $49.00

WHAT IT IS: a clay mask (bentonite) with added sulfur, ideal for oily, break-out prone skin : deep cleanses skin, clarifies pores, absorbs excess oil and soothes skin for a clear, refreshed complexion.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: It works, even after 5 minutes on the skin, leaving skin purified and brighter. It is scientifically formulated and uses non harsh ingredients. It is soft enough to be used several times a week.

Olecea Pearl + Charcoal Mask 50ml (Olecea Beauté) $33.00

WHAT IT IS: a natural, self-heating, dark-grey creamy charcoal mask ideal to detoxify and restore skin's glow. The combination of organic charcoal, organic green coffee, and natural pearl extract detoxifies skin, cleanses pores and leaves skin smooth and bright.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: the slight heating is very relaxing; combined with the change of color (the dark paste progressively turns grey when on skin), it makes you feel the cleaning action of the charcoal, green coffee and pearl extract together. It leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth after only 5 minutes, 10 if you want to give it more time

Invigorate Powder Mask 0.7 oz. (For The Biome) $80.00

WHAT IT IS: None of the brand's products contains any water and this mask is no exception: it is a powder that turns into a creamy mask when you add water (for instance using the Tool Kit sold separately: ceramic cup + wooden mini spoon + face cloth). Artisanally fermented reishi, lion's mane, chaga, maitake, and king trumpet mushrooms deliver a stimulating face mask with prebiotic nutrients and postbiotic actives for a thriving microbiome and glowing complexion in the face of environmental and hormonal stress.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: the strong earthy scent coming from the unique blend of fermented mushrooms has an immediate relaxing and soothing effect on the mind, while their skin biome's friendly properties restores glowing complexion and relieve the skin from stress caused by environmental aggressors.

Face + Eye Mask (LIFTLAB Skincare) $15.00

Coming soon at Beautyque NYC!

WHAT IT IS: this cellulose sheet mask is an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation powerhouse, featuring the brand's signature medical grade compounds: anti-aging multitasking Cell Protection Protein complex, skin tightening botanically-derived compound Ten's Up, and line smoothing, marine-sourced Fucoreverse.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: as soon as you open the foil envelop (recyclable), you immediately feel the quality of the mask. After you leave it on for 20 minutes, and massage in the remaining serum, your skin already looks smoother and brighter. Use it once a week in combination with the other products of the brand and you will see tangible results on the skin matrix itself.

Reusable cleansing fiber (Croon) Starter Cleansing Kit x 2 fibers $29.00

WHAT IT IS: this cleansing microfiber cleanses EVERYTHING, with just water: dirt, makeup, clay mask, other creamy mask....

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: you'll literally clean off your mask in less than1 minute! Easy to maintain: wash it with water and soap or put it in the washing machine and let it dry.

Tool Kit (For The Biome) $30.00

WHAT IT IS: this pack of artisanally crafted goodies contains the brand's Gentle Dual Cleansing Cloth’s that acts as a wonderful makeup and mask remover, an Organic Bamboo Spoon, and a Handcrafted Mixing Bowl.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: every piece of the kit is beautifully crafted and the facecloth is incredibly efficient in removing all traces of makeup and mask.