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Spraying a fine mist on your face has immediate refreshing benefits, especially on a hot day. But mists are way more than just water in a spray bottle: they are formulated with real skincare benefits in mind and this is why they come at a certain price.

In the 4 different options that we selected, every droplet is supercharged with noble and proven ingredients, that deliver true skincare benefits: Sunia K's La Vie en Rose is pure rose essence known for its hydration, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; Lena & Lina's Ceramide Infused Essence Mist + comes with anti-aging ceramides; For The Biome's Adapt and Restore Essence Sprays deliver skin-friendly probiotics that restore hydration (Adapt) and clarify skin tone (Restore) on stressed skin.

LA VIE EN ROSE 1.7 floz. ( SUNIA K.™) $27.00

WHAT IT IS: a 100% pure rose essence produced in France from Organic Centifolia Rose Petals, La Vie En Rose is a pure hydrosol (flower water) that contains absolutely no additives thanks to the concentrated steam distillation technique. Rose extract has been shown to have hydration, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help soothe skin irritation.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: beyond its many skincare benefits, this mist is a feast for the senses, with a smell so authentic yet subtle that you feel you are in a garden of roses.


WHAT IT IS: a nourishing essence mist infused with Lean & Lina's signature ceramide complex to restore moisture through the day and keep skin soft and smooth.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: the mist is very fine, and you will particulary enjoy it as a refreshing mist on a hot day, or as a pick-me up when your skin gets dry because of too much time spent in front of the computer and/or in A/C.

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WHAT IT IS: a pH 3.9-4.1 prebiotic mist that acts like a feast for your skin’s microbiome, bestowing dry skin with a sublime smoothing, toning, and hydrating experience. Features For The Biome's proprietary blend of mushrooms and probiotics obtained through Artisanal Fermentation™.

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: its delicate and authentic scent makes this mist work both for your skin and for your mind. Whetehr you start feeling the weight of the day on your skin or your mind, a spray of ADAPT will give you a boost of energy.


WHAT IT IS: a pH 3.9-4.1 mist with mattifying and anti-inflammatory properties, RESTORE combines two of the most potent honeys found in nature with For The Biome's Probiotic 6-Plex

WHY YOU'LL LIKE IT: besides an immediate sensation of freshness, this fine mist will help mattify skin and brighten skin tone. You'll particularly like it on a hot day, if your skin is prone to shine a little too much to your taste.

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