Beautyque is at the same time an accelerator and a place to test and learn, by exposing your brand to a new community.

Whether you are an already established brand or newly launched, you’ll make the most of your 3 months (or longer) at Beautyque with a set of objectives and with a structured plan that articulates around different angles and tools.

As a retail marketing platform, we have built a ‘menu’ of services and tools that are at your disposal, to make your program at Beautyque efficient and optimized

  • Branded video content: founders’ video, product demonstration video(s)
  • Customer engagement programs:
    • Live events, livestreaming from our platform and simultaneously on Facebook Live
    • Brand evaluation program/focus group
    • Quarterly giveaways
  • Multiple platforms and tools to distribute content and expose your brand: blog, newsletter and email marketing, social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, IGTV…)
  • E-commerce website
  • We include your brand in our own PR and marketing efforts



Beautyque NYC is an accelerator to your own marketing, a place to try things and take advantage of the fact that it is a multi-brand platform, so you have mechanically a better chance to catch people’s attention and engage them overtime than with your brand only. Beautyque is a place to build multi channel marketing campaigns

Our 7,000+ community of consumers, by its size and demographics, is the ideal sample size to test your messages, and evaluate the response to your brand and products, using the panel of tools that we are offering you access to.

Your 3-month Beautyque plan

Below is a checklist of tools and actions, and a recap table to help you craft your Beautyque plan. If you need help with this plan, talk to us and we’ll help you. Please note that this level of assistance is not included in your membership, as well as some of the tools mentioned below.


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Why a plan?

If you are a new or emerging brand, consumers in general do not know your brand, and they certainly already have an installed routine, where they use much more popular brands or brands they were referred to. Our goal together is to make more people know, understand and trust your brand, and want to buy your product.

As everyone knows, there is no shortcut for this and at Beautyque , there is an opportunity to work toward this objective:

  1. make people aware of your brand,
  2. make people understand that they need to look at this technology or product,
  3. make people understand what the product or technology does in general and how it compares to things that they already know,
  4. make people realize that it would be good for them, and make them consider this new product as a complement or an alternative to what they are already using and
  5. Get people to try it and - even better- buy it




Send us your plan or contact us to discuss how we can help you set it up

Sylvie: 646-717-2206 Sonia 917-749-8655