Welcome to Beautyque NYC - Where Your Brand Thrives!

Beautyque Event Duration: From October 24th to October 30th. Our exclusive space at W Times Square



  • Spotlight on October 27th: Dive into our pinnacle event, "Metamorphosis Masquerade: Unveiling Inner Beauty," on this date. An event that centers around the transformative magic of makeup, the allure of drag culture, and the mystique of Halloween, symbolizing the evolution and revelation of one's true identity.
  • Presence Throughout the Week: Your brand will not only be a central figure during our October 27th event but will also maintain a strong presence on our shelves at the StyleLab space in W Times Square throughout the entire week (October 24-30).
  • Multi-Platform Exposure: Secure your brand's presence on Beautyque Verse across Oculus, IOS, and Android platforms ( Launch in November 2023) . Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to tap into a broader audience spectrum.


Beautyque NYC proudly invites your esteemed brand to collaborate and shine at our transformative event. This is your golden opportunity to enhance your brand's voice, expertise, and artistry:

  • Bring Your Makeup Artists: Showcase your brand's expertise and make a statement. We're eager to see the transformations they create.
  • Feature Drag Queen Collaborations: If your brand has tie-ups with drag queens or artists who resonate with the event's theme, it's time for a fabulous collaboration! Their presence will elevate the energy and allure of the event.
  • Interact and Engage: Along with showcasing products, your team can actively engage with attendees, offering makeup tips, tutorials, and insights, further solidifying your brand's authority in the beauty domain.


Elevate your brand alongside Staygolden cosmetics in a space tailor-made for spotlight moments. Enjoy a complimentary, dedicated spot throughout the week, ideally located in the retail area adjacent to W Times Square Hotel's luxurious lounge.

Personalize your brand space in alignment with Beautyque and W's aesthetics. The canvas awaits your creativity.

Experience the collaborative power in outreach. With our 20K-strong B2B and B2C list and the Hotel's special invitations to their guests, we ensure a captive audience awaits you.

Together, we can swiftly craft an immersive experience that resonates:

  • Interactive Transformation Stations (Store): Engage attendees with a firsthand feel of your product magic.
  • Drag Diva Showcase (Lounge): Introduce an exquisite element with drag queen collaborations.
  • Metamorphosis Wall (Store): Chronicle the beautiful transformations.
  • Enlightening Talks (Store): Dive deeper into inner beauty narratives.
  • Halloween Hints Booth (Store): Infuse a hint of Halloween mystery.

Maximize your brand's presence with W Times Square's influential reach via social media and to the hotel's esteemed guests. Further, spotlight your brand with features in W's grand lobby displays. (Adjusted per W's provisions)

Synergy redefined. Revel in combined social media marketing endeavors championed by both Beautyque NYC and W Times Square.

As we transition into November, an opportunity to revolutionize shopping beckons. Introducing Beautyque verse - A VR store available on Oculus, iOS, and Android. Shop with lifelike avatars, interact with our BeautyQoach AI robot, engage in community shopping, and explore the latest makeup try-on features adopted by luxury brands like Gucci. As early collaborators, you stand to benefit from pioneering privileges and premium promotional prospects.

Mark your calendars for October 24-30, crescendoing with our grand event on the 27th. And the icing on the cake for brands co-creating the 27th event with us? This entire collaboration, teeming with value, is absolutely free for you.

Embark on this transformative journey with us. Let's co-create unparalleled beauty experiences, etch indelible memories, and forge a promising future in the Beautyque verse.



Beautyque NYC
W Times Square

DEC 2022


What sets Beautyque apart from other beauty platforms?

At Beautyque, we pride ourselves on being more than just a small and medium-sized business (SMB). Our unique differentiator lies in our unwavering commitment to innovation. We have proven ourselves as pioneers in the beauty industry by creating the world's first-ever 3D store, positioning ourselves at the forefront of emerging technologies like VR, XR, and MR. All this has been achieved without any external venture capital (VC) support, showcasing our self-sufficiency and ability to lead the way in the beauty and tech space.

Do you buy our inventory?

Beautyque operates on a consignment model for both our virtual and physical retail spaces. We do not purchase inventory directly from brands. Instead, we offer a consignment agreement where brands can showcase their products on our platform or in our physical spaces, such as Beautyque X Doors or Beautyque X W Times Square.

Under this consignment model, brands retain ownership of their inventory until a customer makes a purchase. When a sale occurs, we apply a 50% commission, and the brand will receive their payment every month, net 30 days. This payment structure ensures that brands have a low-risk way to reach our engaged audience, and they receive timely compensation for their products' sales. Our consignment model fosters a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership between Beautyque and brands, maximizing exposure and sales potential for all parties involved.

Do I have to be present in the physical spaces at Beautyque X Doors or Beautyque X W Times Square?


At Beautyque X Doors: No, it is not mandatory for the brand's representative to be present at Beautyque X Doors. We have a professional retail team on-site, and the Beautyque NYC Team will also be available most of the time to assist and represent your brand. However, we strongly recommend that brand representatives take advantage of this unique opportunity to be present. By being there, you can actively engage in events, marketing operations, meet other founders, and explore potential collaborations. Your presence allows you to authentically represent your brand and connect with customers on a personal level, creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

At Beautyque X W Times Square: Attendance at W Times Square is by invitation. When your brand becomes part of Beautyque X W Times Square, you'll have the chance to be present during the activation period. It provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase your brand directly to W Times Square guests, leveraging the hotel's vibrant atmosphere and luxury appeal. Being present at W Times Square allows you to interact with guests, provide personalized insights about your products, and make valuable connections in a high-profile setting.

What is the address of W TIMES SQUARE

1567 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

How many products can I showcase?

At Beautyque Platform (virtual space): You can showcase up to 10 products for beauty brands.

At Beautyque X W Times Square (physical space): You can showcase up to 5 products for beauty brands. These products will be displayed in a dedicated beauty area within the store.

If your products have multiple shades, you may send all shades depending on the products for display.

We recommend providing a minimalistic plexiglass stand to ensure proper display and visibility.


Do I need to send samples for Beautyque X W Times Square?

Yes, samples are required for Beautyque X W Times Square. At Beautyque, we emphasize the importance of discovery and offer a Discovery Box and free samples for BeautyQlub members on our platform. For Beautyque X W Times Square, we request that brands provide samples to be included in gift bags given to guests during check-in at the hotel. This marketing initiative has proven to be highly successful in increasing brand visibility and attracting new customers.

If I am interested in being part of the physical space only, what are the requirements or commitments?

If you wish to be part of our physical spaces, it is mandatory to also be part of our website during the time being. We believe in creating a holistic and interconnected experience for our brands, where being part of both the physical and virtual spaces ensures maximum exposure and benefits for your brand.

What is the shipping address for sending my products, and what is the required quantity for the showcase?

Once your products are approved by Beautyque NYC, you will need to send them to either our warehouse or directly to the store during the setup process. For shipping products to our warehouse, use the following address:

Beautyque NYC 65 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 101, Valley Stream, NY, 11581 United States

The specific number of products to send will be assessed based on the agreement between your brand and Beautyque NYC. Please refer to the agreement and guidelines to determine the quantity of products needed to start the showcase.


While we understand that the lead time is shorter than traditional event planning cycles, our team is adept at efficient and effective event organization. We've streamlined our processes to make it easy for brands to participate and capitalize on the opportunity. Furthermore, we've found that events in dynamic city locations, like the W Times Square, often benefit from the buzz of last-minute announcements, attracting a spontaneous and enthusiastic crowd. We've made sure that everything from setup, promotion, to the execution is seamless for our participating brands.

Will there be enough attendees given the short notice?

We have an extensive database of B2B and B2C contacts, as well as W Times Square Hotel guests, whom we'll be inviting. The W Times Square lounge can comfortably accommodate up to 200 attendees, and with our combined invitation lists, reaching this number is very feasible. Moreover, if you bring the excitement and energy, attendee turnout won't be an issue. Additionally, we will prominently feature your brand in our invitations, ensuring potential attendees are aware and excited about your participation. With our combined efforts and the allure of the event, we're confident in attracting a robust audience.

What about setup and teardown logistics?

Our team is experienced in managing efficient setups and teardowns, ensuring that brands have a hassle-free experience. We also have on-site support to assist with any logistical needs.

Are there any additional hidden costs?

The collaboration comes at zero cost to participating brands. Any additional features or customizations can be discussed, but we pride ourselves on transparency and will ensure you are informed of any potential costs.

What if I need additional promotional materials or samples on short notice?

  We understand the constraints of short notice, and we recommend brands to provide what's readily available. If needed, we can connect you with local suppliers or print shops that can assist with last-minute requirements.

Who is Beautyque NYC and who are their collaborators?

Founded by indie beauty entrepreneurs, Beautyque NYC is the very first multi-brand virtual 3D store in the beauty industry. It was originally intended to open as a physical retail store in SoHo, NYC before the pandemic hit — and as a result, the concept was transposed entirely to the digital space. Beautyque NYC is the only virtual retail platform created specifically for indie brands in beauty and wellness. We are a 3D virtual showroom, an e-commerce website, and a retail marketing platform all in one. Since our launch in May 2020, we've worked with more than 40 brands, built a community of more than 15,000 beauty enthusiasts, reached more than 500K people, and that's only the beginning!

The W Style Lab is an extraordinary activation space nestled in the heart of W New York – Times Square's lobby. This unique retail space boasts a one-of-a-kind design concept, featuring captivating 'street art' murals painted across garage-like doors, bringing the essence of New York City's urban art scene to life. Upon opening, the space reveals brightly-lit carved out areas with shelving, creating the ideal setting for impressive displays. Located at 1567 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, on the 7th floor, next to the welcome desk and the living room lounge, the W Style Lab offers an unparalleled opportunity for brands to showcase their products in a truly innovative and engaging environment.