Beautyque NYC is an immersive Omni channel Direct to Consumer platform of a new kind, offering indie brands the unique opportunity to build traction and engage with customers, before deciding on their future expansion.

Beautyque NYC is an immersive program of 3 months or longer, combining the features and benefits of a showroom, a tradeshow and a proper store with $$ activity.

Founded and managed by two women, mothers and beauty entrepreneurs, both with corporate business backgrounds, Beautyque NYC is specifically created with the needs and expectations of indie brands in mind.



Where is it? Prime retail location with high foot traffic, in the heart of Soho in NYC

When is it launching: Late March 2020

How does it work? Using a shelf subscription model, Beautyque NYC gives brands their own retail space, with access to optional marketing boosters for Omni channel development, increased brand exposure, and online conversion: retail space + social media, influencer marketing, PR, sampling, email marketing, peer groups, pop-up events…

Each brand is supported and promoted by our own sales team, but brand owners and representatives also have the opportunity to be at the store and sell at their own pace, and engage with customers visiting the store.

 Requirements: 3-month commitment.


Who is it for? It is for independent and eco-friendly beauty, health and wellness brands, whether newly launched or struggling to increase traction, with a genuine and strong value proposition.  

Why you need it: In today’s overcrowded beauty and wellness market, launching a brand online Direct to Consumers is extremely difficult. Brands need to go Omni channel in order to gain the confidence of retailers and distributors. They need to gain traction and build effective exposure. Beautyque NYC gives them this opportunity.