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The real secret to youthful-looking, radiant and glowing skin is cell turnover, we all know it, and exfoliation is the secret weapon when propely used and with the right products.

Generally speaking, exfoliation methods are broken into two categories: chemical and mechanical (or physical). Chemical exfoliation utilizes acids or enzymes to remove dead skin cells, while mechanical or physical exfoliation involves using a hard substance to manually remove dead skin cells. Besides brushes and similar tools, cleansers or other skincare products that contain microbeads, granules (jojoba seeds, ruby crystals, pumice and magnesium oxide crystals) or certain natural materials like ground fruit pits and seeds or crushed nutshells have an abrasive quality, and are considered mechanical exfoliators.

The big challenge of exfoliation is to preserve the skin's barrier and avoid stripping it from the hydrolipidic film that protects the epidermis. Damaging the skin barrier can actually be the cause of excessive dryness, acne outbreaks and all types of inflammation.

Our selection below is for the body, face and lips, with the right product for everyone.

BODY: Verbena Citrus Body Scrub 8 oz. (ida Body Care) $24.00

What it is: Ida body scrub is made from a blend of natural sugar and 12 essential oils, including anti-aging powerhouses like Avocado oil, Evening Primrose oil and Apricot Kernel oil.—the same formula Ida created over 50 years ago. It stimulates the skin, activating and cleansing it, so you feel revived and ready.

Why you'll like it: its efficient while soft formula will leave skin smooth and clean, without any uncomfortable sensation of dryness. The engaging lemony smell is invigorating while very subtle on the skin.  

LIPS: The Lip Exfoliator 1.06 oz. (Snow) $39.00

What it is: a glacier water lavender and mint sugar lip exfoliator that exfoliates and treats your lips with or without using Snow's whitening devices. This sugar based exfoliator contains a great blend of nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, mountain cherry extract, large flower purslane extract, honeysuckle flower extract, dandelion extract; it is paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; gluten-free.

Why you'll like it: it gently exfoliates the lips and leaves them smooth, hydrated and plumped. It comes with SNOW's revolutionary applicator ($18 value) that doubles as a cooling under eye roller to combat puffiness.

FACE - REUSABLE FIBER: Exfoliating Reusable Fiber (Croon) $29.00

What it is: a reusable fiber that is specifically designed to provide you with all your cleansing, makeup removal and facial exfoliating needs with just the addition of water and without any cleanser of any kind.

Why you'll like it: Croon is your go-to cleansing + exfoliating solution if you have a very sensitive skin that reacts to everything or if you don't want to use any sort of chemical skincare to cleanse or exfoliate. The cleansing + exfoliating starter kit comes with 1 cleansing and 1 exfoliating reusable fibers for 1 full year of daily use; laundry bag is included.


FACE - 100% ACTIVE MICROBIOME FRIENDLY POWDER: Soothe Powder Cleanser 0.7 oz. (For The Biome) $65.00

What it is: a powder that turns into a paste when you add water, and that gently cleanses the skin while replenishing your moisture barrier, thanks to an artisanally fermented formula featuring silky sprouted oats and adaptogenic mushrooms

Why you'll like it: this formula is so active that you can almost feel the impurities being kicked out ! The skin feels clean, refreshed and smooth. Ideal if you are looking for 100% active and natural formulas.

FACE - ALL NATURAL MECHANICAL EXFOLIATOR Bia Exfoliating Wash 4.2 floz (Codex Beauty) $45.00

What is is: a gentle everyday cleanser with exfoliating and polishing natural Jojoba grains, it is infused with Elderflower water, Grapefruit, Safflower and Milk Thistle Oils for both toning and cleansing benefits.

Why you'll like it: the perfectly round jojoba grains dissolve into skin and won't cause micro-tears unlike most other vegetal grains. This product - like every other product in the line - is EWG Verified, Ecocert Cosmos Organic, Leaping Bunny, Vegan, PEFC, Carbon Footprint Standard, and efficacy tested.

FACE - PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH PEEL PADS: LCA Smart Peel Pads x30 (Priori Skincare) $65.00

What it is: Smart Peel Pads that feature professional-strength technology, delivering the multi-layer of AHA resurfacing, working perfectly to remove only the outermost layer of dead skin cells - revealing luminous, fresher and healthier skin.

Why you'll like it: these easy to use peel pads use high-strength lactic, glycolic and mandelic acids, and are designed to adapt to the needs of each individual’s skin. Whatever your skin type, you'll feel your skin refreshed without any sensation of discomfort.

FACE - MEDICAL GRADE CREAMY EXFOLIATOR: Detox Cleanser +3 3 floz. (Lift
Lab Skincare) $58.00

What it is: a medical grade, peptide based exfoliant without acid, that gently resurfaces and deeply cleanses the skin, detoxifies and removes impurities without stripping the skin.

Why you'll like it: featuring the brand's patented damage-reversing Cell Protection Protein complex, this exfoliating cleanser will adjust to all skin types, managing dryness and helping with controlling excess oil. It will gently work on reducing skin roughness, brightening skin and improving elasticity.

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