SMOOTH Blender


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Whether you’re a seasoned make-up artist or a beginner level enthusiast, AmazingCosmetics Smooth Blender Blend and Blur Makeup Sponge has you covered. Our poreless and latex-free blender will leave you with an airbrushed look and smooth finish every time.

• Our unique AquaLock Technology keeps product on your skin, not trapped in the blender resulting in streak-free; flawless coverage
• Exclusive latex-free material is gentle on the skin and features a poreless surface for a completely smooth finish
• Edgeless dome shape prevents streaking and blurs imperfections, can be used with all your complexion products to create a beautifully smooth, airbrushed look
• AmazingCosmetics Smooth Blender is easy to use!
• Gently cleanse following each use to help maintain longevity of your Smooth Blender
• Pro tip: apply with a stippling motion and blend away. Use with your primer, concealer, foundation, powder, or any other complexion product to achieve a smooth and seamless finish every time

Wet SMOOTH BLENDER with water and squeeze out excess. Blend foundation and concealer.

Hair: 100% synthetic, Handle: Wood, Ferrule: brass, Deco: Silk Screen