Self-Care Means Loving Yourself

Be your own Valentine each and every day.

It's the season of love, which means a lot of us are probably in our feels. Whether or not you have someone special to share this Valentine's Day with, we're here to remind you that your number one boo should always be... YOU! We all preach about self-care, but what is the self-care solution? Well, it may look different for everyone, but when it boils down to it — self-care means loving yourself, period. Take time out of your day to show yourself some appreciation. Say some positive affirmations. Pamper yourself without feeling guilty. Remind yourself that you are deserving of love, and that love starts with you.

Sometimes self-love means splurging on yourself. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? If you're looking for ways to treat yourself this Valentine's Day, look no further. This combination of perfume and lipstick is the ultimate gift to yourself, for looking (and smelling) beautiful. Roses Are Red | Perfume & Lipstick Escentials is a collaboration between The Sexiest Beauty and Sue Phillips House of Fragrance. This alliance between two female beauty entrepreneurs aims to provide uplifting positivity in these difficult times, when a lot of use are feeling — let's be honest — pretty lonely. They were inspired by the rose, renowned as the quintessential symbol of femininity and rebirth; and the color red, a sense of power to take on the world. The result? An exquisite, modern rose floral perfume paired with bold red lipstick. For every woman who reflects her individuality and personality without apology, it's a must-have combo that says: “It’s me – I’m back, better than ever!”

Now let's get real — self-care can also mean allowing yourself to experience pleasure! Ladies, never be ashamed to take time to focus on yourself, your body, and your needs and desires. Often times, there's a lot of stigma around female sexuality and sexual wellness in general. But we're here to tell you, it's 100% normal, and it's actually good for you! We highly recommend checking out the brand Exsens (short for "exquisite sensations") for all your sexual wellness needs. Believe us when we tell you, this brand is bomb! On the subject of self-care, the Pure Aqua Water-Based Lubricant will be your best friend. Incase you need more convincing, it was nominated as Sex Lubricant of the Year 2019, on top of being vegan, paraben free, GMO free, and made by women for women. It's a no-brainer, ladies!

Perfume, lipstick, and lube are all sure-fire ways to treat yourself this Valentine's Day, but don't forget what it's all about — loving yourself unconditionally. This means physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. When you feel beautiful, think beautiful, act beautiful, you ARE beautiful. Enjoy this Valentine's Day season, and remember that WE love you!

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