Why grooming goes beyond the shave - we’ve got Father’s Day delivered

This is a public service announcement. It's Father's Day next Sunday - June 18 - so don't forget the father figure in your life. 

While many men now realize the importance of a good skincare regime, many are still missing crucial steps that could make a world of difference to their skin. 

For instance, washing with a simple soap or shaving with a mass-produced foam could have a traumatic effect on the face, irritating the skin's top layer, causing dryness and encouraging ingrown hairs to form. Nasty!

And did you know that men’s skin tends to be thicker and oilier than women's? That makes regular exfoliation even more important - around 2-3 times a week is going to help maintain that smooth and rejuvenated complexion we love so much.

Moisturizing is also crucial for maintaining healthy and hydrated skin, but men often neglect this step -  studies have shown that only 40% of American men use moisturizers daily. Big mistake! Moisturizing daily will help replenish the skin's moisture barrier, preventing dryness, and protecting against environmental damage. 

We’re proud to work with Darnell Henderson and HIMistry Naturals. Daniel was serving in the US Navy when he discovered the need for quality men’s skincare. The requirement to shave daily, combined with grueling physical and mental demands, left his skin looking inflamed and irritated. 

As a fit and ambitious young man, this was not the image he wanted to present. So, he set out to develop a solution that would allow him to look and feel his best.

The result is this range of essential shave products that also incorporate skincare technology  - grooming products that address acne, dryness, premature signs of aging, and ingrown hairs in one fell swoop. 

Natural ingredients like salicylic acid deal with breakouts effectively and gently, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C provide rich hydration while also improving the texture of aging skin, and tea tree helps beat shaving and beard irritation.

Can your basic shaving cream do that? We didn’t think so! 

So make every dad’s day with a gift he can REALLY use. Order by Monday June 12 for shipping in time for Father’s Day. 


This slick three-in-one kit includes the delicious Pomegranate Face and Beard Wash to boost the skin’s collagen, help to even skin tone and protect against environmental damage; Triple Tea Restoring Pads for after the shave, helping to even out skin tone, while treating blemishes and skin irritations; and Vitamin C Serum to protect against dehydration and the signs of aging while keeping your skin feeling soft and looking healthy all day long. All products are also available individually.


Unlock Your Best Look with Himistry Naturals Beard & Skin Grooming System





HIMistry's Blackberry and Salicylic Cleanser is an antioxidant-rich exfoliating face wash designed specifically for men with oily skin. Its blend of salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acids, combined with the refreshing scent of blackberries, is formulated to strip away the harmful oily layer of outer skin that causes pimples and blackheads to form, and blemishes to linger. The refreshing, deep-pore action evens skin tone, smooths razor bumps, and fights acne.  

Reveal Radiant Skin with Himistry Naturals Blackberry & Salicylic Cleanser




HIMistry's Rosemary & Tea Shave Gel is specially formulated to eliminate dry skin, locking in moisture, reducing puffy, swollen skin, and rejuvenating your skin's natural color with each shave. 



Struggle with dark spots, razor bumps, or blemishes? This gentle, non-foaming crème provides a smooth, clean shave while protecting your skin from painful irritation and discoloration. Vitamin C works to balance free radicals, reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve the look and feel of damaged skin. Green tea offers soothing protection from the inflammation and irritation commonly caused by shaving and ingrown hairs. 

A Refreshing Shaving Experience with Himistry Green Tea and Vitamin C Facial Shaving Crème




If you’re looking for the hidden secret to age-defying skin, the Green Tea & Lactic Toner is all you need. This soothing solution contains lactic acid which exfoliates your skin while reducing blemishes and smoothing out wrinkles, so your complexion looks flawless. The green tea is great for those who suffer from inflammation, skin discoloration, and blackheads. Apply the toner after showering and within weeks you’ll begin to notice a major difference in your complexion.

Revitalize and Rebalance Your Skin with Himistry Green Tea & Lactic Toner





An ultra-rich cream that quickly immerses skin in healing moisture, helping to naturally rejuvenate, giving a firmer feel and a more lifted, youthful look. Featuring 16 anti-aging bio-actives, plant oils.


Wow cream





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