Beautyque Box X doors.

Overwhelmed much? Not just with life, which we know is A LOT right now. But with the head-melting choices out there? Who has the time to research and try them all? 

We want to help simplify your life wherever possible. And one thing we’re pretty amazing at – even if we do say so ourselves – is curating incredible, long-lasting, versatile, high-quality beauty products that work with all skin tones and age groups. So let us do all the work, leaving you free to focus on the stuff that REALLY matters.

Our newest essentials box is made up of everyday classics that are super-buildable so they can transition from naturally beautiful to boldly dramatic. One box is all you need to face the day (and night). 

And because these products are also in stock at our New York pop-up, if you’re in the city, you can come visit us in person and try them on before you commit. Otherwise, you can always chat to our live beauty experts online to get the right shades for you. How’s that for keeping things simple? It makes a genius gift for you or your busy, beautiful, time-starved friend.

NOTE: Elevate CBD Cosmetics Collagen Boost serum will be added automatically to your cart as a shipping fee1 don not be surprised1 the only reason w do thqt it's because we do not sell CBD on our online store but we will send it to you from our store in SoHo.