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The skin around your eyes is one part of the body that can show the earliest signs of premature aging, particularly without proper care. Common eye area issues are dark circles, fine lines and crow feet, puffiness and eye bags.

Whereas it can be perfectly fine to use your face moisturizer around the eye, eye creams and serums are often formulated with ingredients less likely to have an adverse effect on the eyes but contain enough active ingredients that may help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help with puffiness and dark circles.

In our weekly selection, we feature 6 different options, that should - as always - please everyone, every skin type and skin tone, and every liking: medical grade LIFT + FIRM Eye Cream by LiftLab with patented CPP, Adaptive skincare Tightening eye serum (Priori Skincare) with patented Triple Turmeric Complex, 100% active roller Eye Awaken Serum by For The Biome, Microbiome friendly certified Bia Eye Gel Cream by Codex Beauty, 94% natural Phyto-Contour by Yon-Ka Paris, skin tone specific, luxurious eye cream 'Eyes for' by Virginia Stone.

LIFT + FIRM Eye Cream 0.5 floz. (LIFTLAB SKINCARE) $90.00

What it is: a scientifically formulated, medical grace, clinically proven eye cream featuring the brand's signature ingredient CellPro Peptide (aka CPP) and a number of other active compounds, such as S9-MDI Complex and niacinamide for a full anti-aging action.

Why you'll love it: the texture is extremely nice, rich and light at the same time; the cream penetrates instantly and you only need a pinhead per eye to see results, on average after 1 week of daily use: wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced and the overall eye are looks tighter and younger. The pale green color is because it's supercharged with antioxidants. One jar lasts for about 90 days.

Tightening Eye Serum 0.5 floz. (PRIORI Skincare) $78.00

What it is: a lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula that adapts to your specific concerns to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area. A true multi-tasker, this gel-based eye treatment is perfect for everyday antioxidant protection, neutralizing damage, improving circulation and evening out pigmentation.

Why you'll love it: it features the brand's proprietary Triple Turmeric Complex, a highly potent natural compound of colorless turmeric root, enriched with green tea, grape seed and licorice root. It's very fluid and penetrates instantly without the need to rub, and has an almost immediate tightening. The brown color of the gel is the result of its high concentration in antioxidant.

Awaken Eye Serum 0.15 floz. (For The Biome) $80.00

What it is: a 100% active, no water added lightweight serum in a roller, supercharged with a medley of volcanic CO2 extracted actives, formulated to brighten, smooth, and protect the delicate skin of the eye contour.

Why you'll love it: this microbiome friendly eye serum (pH is 3.4) comes in a roller that instantly provides a cooling effect, especially when left in the refrigerator.

Bia Eye Gel Cream 0.5 floz. (Codex Beauty) $65.00

What it is: a light weight, cooling and brightening eye gel that helps reduce undereye puffiness and dark circles, whilst providing instant hydration and soothing.

Why you'll love it: this microbiome friendly certified gel cream is emollient, and penetrates immediately into skin, leaving the eye area refreshed and visibly younger. We love its delicate floral scent and we bet you'll love it too.

Phyto-contour 0.5 floz. (Yon-Ka Paris) $58.00

What it is:this bestselling 4-in-1 phyto-fighter contributes to an energized and firmed appearance, as it works to reduce puffiness, dark circles. Like the rest of the Yon-Ka line, praised by spa professionals, it is mixing the power of botanicals and phyto-therapy with biochemistry.

Why you'll love it: this eye cream has a light creamy texture that will do magic on tired eyes: it's toning (rosemary!) and its minty-fresh aroma provides a fresh sensation. It's made of 94% natural ingredients

'Eyes' 0.5 floz. (Virginia Stone) $185.00

What it is: a 3-in-1 Superfood Eye Cream fortified with multi-layered antioxidants, vitamins, and vital nutrients, it is specifically formulated according to each skin tone, and designed to stimulate cell renewal, combat free radical damage, inhibit oxidative stress, and reenergize and awaken tired, aging skin.

Why you'll love it: its unique packaging (made of sand!) contains a very rich yet lightweight and delicate formula that is differently formulated according to your skin tone: Kavesi is for fair skin, Jasari for medium skin tone, and Odaja for darker skin tones. The outside is as rich and luxurios as the inside.

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