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Cleansing the skin is an essential step in any skincare routine. No matter what, we always need to wash our faces to remove all the impurities from the day. We've picked a selection of face wash options ranging from different textures and scents, from natural formulas to medial-grade. But they all have one thing in common — they will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, and most of all, clean!


Musaclean Organic Cleansing Gel by KADALYS (200 ml) - $32.00

What it is: A soap-free, ultra-gentle cleansing gel for all skin types, made from 99.7% ingredients of natural origin and utilizing green banana bioactives. Melting texture leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and purified. Refreshing and invigorating citrus and floral scent.

Why you'll love it: This unique melting face wash cleanses without damaging the skin barrier, thanks to ultra-gentle natural surfactants that preserve its natural hydration. It will maintain your skin's natural PH, restore radiance to your complexion, and preserves hydration, all while leaving you feeling fresh and clean!

Bia Exfoliating Wash by Codex Beauty (4.2 fl oz) - $45.00 

What it is: A gentle everyday cleanser with exfoliating and polishing natural Jojoba grains, infused with Elderflower water, Grapefruit, Safflower and Milk Thistle Oils for both toning and cleansing benefits. Formulated using only natural ingredients and great for all skin types.

Why you'll love it: This face wash contains small jojoba gains, which gently exfoliate the skin without being harsh or irritating. This product will give you the benefits of an exfoliator, a toner, and a cleanser all in one!

Daily Exfoliant Cleanser by Skinkick (3 fl oz) - $16.00 

What it is: An everyday face wash with super soft natural exfoliants to cleanse skin, clear pores and remove dead skin cells. Acts as a makeup remover, a cleanser, and an exfoliator all in one. Natural formula that's ideal for acne-prone skin, fighting acne and inflammation without harsh ingredients.

Why you'll love it: This face wash is powerful, yet gentle enough to use twice daily. It will be your new holy grail cleanser as it provides a multitude of benefits: cleanses + preps skin, gently exfoliates, clears pores, clarifies skin tone, removes makeup and dirt, protects microbiome, regulates sebum production, and even doubles as a calming face mask.

LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser by PRIORI SKINCARE (6 fl oz) - $47.00  

What it is: A gentle, rich and complex facial cleanser perfectly suited for all skin types including the most sensitive. Its soothing gel texture calms and repairs skin while LCA Complex perfectly smooths the surface of your skin and protects it from daily environmental damage.

Why you'll love it: This face wash is unique because it has a proprietary complex that adjusts to your specific skin needs. Your skin takes just what it needs leaving you dewy, radiant and more youthful. This smart cleanser can also be used as an eye makeup remover.

Detox Cleanser +3 by LIFTLAB Skincare (3 fl oz) - $58.00 

What it is: A medical-grade deep cleansing face wash that detoxes the skin and removes impurities. Formulated with Peptide Exfoliant to gently remove only dead skin cells without acid. Balances oil on all skin types. Dryness is conditioned and excess oil is rinsed away without leaving a residue or stripping the skin.

Why you'll love it: This product is deep cleanser, a gentle exfoliant, and an oil balancer all in one. You'll only need a tiny amount of this face wash to leave you feeling fresh, clean, and renewed. It will condition your dry skin, without stripping the skin or leaving a residue, while also balancing your oils.



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